Ear Reflex Treatment

Try ear reflex treatment in Woodbridge, VA, by working with Dr. Paul Wells of ACT Wellness Center.

What Is Ear Reflex Treatment?

Chiropractors do not shy away from using innovative treatment methods as long they deliver results and keep their patients safe. Ear reflex treatment, also known as auriculotherapy, is one of those innovative methods. Although it is still unknown to most of the public, there’s no denying its benefits.

The idea behind auriculotherapy is establishing contact with the brain using reflex points in the ear. A chiropractor will use a special tool known as a microcurrent stimulator to engage a specific reflex point. Once the reflex point in the ear is exposed to that stimulus, it will send a message to the brain.

The purpose of the message will differ based on which reflex point is stimulated. Your chiropractor knows which reflex points they must target to achieve your desired results.

So, what does ear reflex treatment achieve?

One of the main reasons patients are interested in ear reflex treatment is because it’s a quick and easy way to release endorphins. Those endorphins do two things that are especially beneficial to patients. They specifically work to block pain and promote feelings of pleasure.

Patients who undergo ear reflex treatment report relief from chronic pain. They also experience relief from other troublesome symptoms such as headaches and nausea. You should also consider getting this treatment if you’ve been dealing with elevated blood pressure levels.

Note that auriculotherapy can also help patients deal better with stress and anxiety. Give it a try if you’ve also been struggling with those issues.

Experience the benefits of ear reflex treatment in Woodbridge, VA, by partnering with Dr. Wells of ACT Wellness Center.

What Is the Experience of Receiving Ear Reflex Treatment?

You may have no idea what to expect from ear reflex treatment regarding what a session will be like. That kind of uncertainty may discourage you from trying it. We’re here to let you know that there is nothing to fear.

Each treatment session begins with the patient lying on their back or side. After that, the chiropractor grabs the microcurrent stimulator and gets to work. They will then use the microcurrent stimulator on different parts of your ear to get the intended reactions.

Throughout the treatment session, you may feel nothing more than weak tingling sensations. The microcurrent stimulator may also produce some noises, but they should be easily tolerable.

The treatment session is also fairly quick. It should be over in around 20 minutes at most.

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