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10 Tips to Prevent Neck Pain

Neck pain happens, but that doesn't mean you have to live with it forever.
With some lifestyle adjustments, you can prevent neck pain altogether. We at
ACT Wellness Center in Woodbridge, VA take pride in educating our patients
about good spinal health. Since some of our patients experience neck pain,
it's important to take a step back and see what causes it. By understanding
where pain is coming from, a doctor of chiropractic can create a more clear
and directed treatment plan that includes both the elimination of pain as
well as a direct focus to address the area of injury. Please note: it's
important to seek professional help if you ever experience numbness,
tingling, and pain in your arms, or headaches and weakness; this type of
pain could be a neurological issue, a structural problem or something else.

A doctor of chiropractic's role is to check your spine for neurological and
structural function. When a vertebra is misaligned (often referred to as a
vertebral subluxation), it can lead to abnormal stress and strain on any and
all of the pain-sensitive tissues. Dr. Caratozzolo's job is to check for
vertebral subluxations and to help you feel and function at your very best -
whether you are in pain, feeling better, or feeling great.

Studies show that chiropractic and exercise are the two most effective tools
to reduce neck pain. Here are 10 more tips that may help to prevent neck

- Sleeping on your back

- Drinking plenty of water

- Making sure you are using a comfortable and supported pillow

- Making sure your computer monitor is at eye level

- When texting, keeping your mobile phone at eye level, taking breaks, or
using talk-text

- When making a phone call, using a headset or earpiece

- Stretching, exercising, and strengthening your neck muscles

- Carrying weight on your person so that it is evenly distributed

- Practicing a supportive posture (no slumping or hunching!)

- Holding your phone at a distance rather than right in front of you

Are you tired of that pain in the neck? We're here to help! We are happy to
address any concerns or answer any questions you have.

Dr. Carmelo Caratozzolo DC, CCSP, CCEP at ACT Wellness is located right here
in Woodbridge, VA. He is a Chiropractic Sports Physician, Certified
Chiropractic Extremity Practitioner and very qualified to help individuals
with all types of pain that are acute or chronic. Of course his best
suggestion is not to wait for the pain to show up in the first place. Dr.
"C" always recommends preventative and wellness care rather than crisis

ACT Wellness Center is located at 14111 Minnieville Rd. in Woodbridge, VA
22193. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please visit
actwellness.com or call the office at 703-491-9355.

We thank our patients for voting ACT Wellness Center Best Chiropractic
Woodbridge, VA and voting Dr. Caratozzolo Best Chiropractor Woodbridge, VA -
10 years in a row!

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