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How Chiropractors can Help with Back Pain Relief

When you’re suffering with back pain, there can be a broad range of causes. Most doctors will prescribe physical therapy for an injury, and supplement it with prescription medications. In the worst cases, they might engage in invasive surgical procedures to investigate and repair the problem. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to fix these issues without drugs and invasive procedures?

The good news is, for many people who suffer with back pain, there is a completely safe, effective and holistic way of doing just that, and it’s through visiting a chiropractor. Discover the ways that a chiropractor can help you with back pain relief in Woodbridge, VA, and get you living a better and overall healthier lifestyle.

Chiropractors and Back Pain

For many years, visiting the chiropractor to address pain in the back was a last-ditch effort. It was viewed as dangerous and subject to a lot of myths which still unfortunately persist today. The truth is, not only is chiropractic completely safe, all natural, and a recognized medical science, it can often be the very best course of action for many ailments.

When your back is out of alignment, a condition known as subluxation, your brain is not able to effectively communicate with your body. That’s because the discs in your back put pressure on the nerves they’re there to protect, which cuts them off from the signals your brain sends and receives. Not only can this result in back pain, but in problems with your extremities, loss of motion, hormonal and even immune system deficiencies.

Treating Your Pain Permanently

When a chiropractor treats these subluxations, it can permanently alleviate the pain you experience in your neck, shoulders, upper or lower back, or even other areas of your body. It can do this without drugs and surgery. There’s little risk of injury; your chiropractor is a trained medical professional with a medical degree in their science.

Drugs can create all manner of complications. At best they’re a temporary way to address symptoms, and with opioid addiction such a huge problem, if there’s a better way to treat pain, why not take it? Even more, what if that treatment could get your whole body feeling healthier and working better?

Back Pain Relief in Woodbridge, VA

When you’re suffering from back pain, your first visit to a chiropractor will involve an examination and discussion of your medical history. They may recommend X-rays or an MRI to confirm specific subluxations to be treated. Then, your chiropractor will work with you to develop a specific plan of treatment tailored just for you.

This plan will involve spinal adjustments, but it may also involve exercise, physical therapy, and even dietary changes. It’s all part of an overall holistic plan to improve your quality of life, while eliminating your pain for good. If you’re interested in back pain relief in Woodbridge, VA, ACT Wellness has been the leading area chiropractor for the past eight years and counting. Give us a call to schedule an appointment today.

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