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5 Things Your Chiropractor Wishes You’d Stop Doing

Does your chiropractor seem to sigh every time they give you an examination? Do you find yourself getting the exact same adjustment every time you go in to get taken care of? If so, it could be because you’ve developed some very bad habits that are leading to the same issues over and over again. Don’t feel too bad; there are some common habits that far too many people have which are just really bad for their back.

If you’re wondering what you might be doing that’s causing these repeat issues, it could be a simple bad habit to break. Check out these five things that your sports chiropractor in Woodbridge wishes you would stop doing, and work towards getting yourself in better health today.

Things Your Chiropractor Wishes You Would Quit

Five of the biggest common habits people have these days, that chiropractors wish they’d just quit, range from carelessness to societal pressures. They include lifting improperly, staring at smartphones and mobile devices, being too sedentary, poor sleeping posture, and wearing your bags wrong.

Improper Lifting Technique

Improper lifting technique is one of the leading causes of back injuries both minor and major. Never bend at the waist and lift with your back. When you lift, bend at the knees, keep your elbows tightly at your sides, and lift with your legs and arms. Keep the pressure off of your back.

Staring at Smartphones

We as a society spend an inordinate amount of time staring at gadgets and mobile devices. “Social” these days has come to mean arguing on the Internet. But the real problem from the point of view of a chiropractor is the time you spend with your neck bent forward. Did you know that you’re putting up to 60 pounds of pressure on your spine when you do this? Put down your advice and stretch your neck, and when you do use your phone, lift it up to eye level. It may look awkward at first, but your neck will thank you.

Being Too Sedentary

We’re built for activity; it’s quite literally what our bodies are designed to do—be upright and moving around. Unfortunately we’ve built a society that sees us sitting more often than we stand. When you sit for long periods of time, you’re putting a lot of strain on your spine. Every 30 minutes or so, you should stand up and take a quick five minute walk or stretch.

Poor Sleeping Posture

When you sleep on your stomach, your neck doesn’t necessarily get the support it needs, and can put a lot of stress on your spine. It’s best to sleep on your back, and if you sleep on your side, use a medium-high pillow to support your neck.

Wearing Those Bags

Heavy bags, especially when worn wrong, are awful on your back. Keep your backpack light, ensure it has adjustable, wide and padded straps, and wear it either on your back with both straps fastened, or if you have a shoulder bag, switch shoulders regularly.

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