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Stress Takes Its Toll on Our Health, But Chiropractic Can Help

0956505001549641157.jpgAmericans are more stressed than ever, and that stress has started to affect our health. Data from the American Psychological Association (APA) shows that a higher percentage of Americans feels more stress than ever before. APA research also confirms that stress can lower our immune responseright down to the cellular level. Individuals in a study had lower infection-fighting white blood cells and T-helper cells after just three days of stress-inducing exam prep.

Many factors outside of our control contribute to stress, which is exactly what makes them so stressful! Yet physical problems with our bodies such as back pain or abnormal spine curvatures (subluxations) can contribute to our stress levels. Also, high levels of stress can impact the body, creating conditions like lowered immunity and poor posture that add to our stress in a vicious cycle. For example, someone stressed about their job may adopt poor posture, which causes lower back pain that makes them even more stressed at the thought of working.

Those searching for relief from stress can, therefore, break the cycle of worsening health by seeking care for the physical symptoms stress wreaks upon us. Chiropractic adjustments, in particular, can remove some of the factors that result from and contribute to our stress. By correcting postural problems and promoting nerve functioning, we can feel better and more in control of our lives. In this way, spinal adjustments can also adjust our perspective on life and make us better-equipped to handle stressors that come our way.

Learn more about chiropractic for stress and how adjustments can help reduce the impact stress has on your life by reading on.

Subluxations at the Root of Physical Stress

Emotional and psychological stress can make their mark upon the body in the form of physical disorders. Tense muscles and bad posture can slowly shut off functionality to the body, limiting mobility, causing pain and leading to increased stress. Those who are overworked and do not have much time at all in their schedule for health-boosting activities like running, yoga or weight lifting can slowly build up these physical markers of stress.

As an example, someone who spends hours sitting at their desk for work can have tightness in their hamstrings that pull on their lower back. They may also hunch forward, straining muscles along the shoulder blades while tightening the passages major nerves use to flow from your shoulders to your hands. A slouched head posture can also place pressure on the upper cervical vertebrae of the spine, leading to upper back problems and worsening problems in the lower back and hips because of issues with critical nerves that travel along the spine towards the lower body.

In short, stress or just the rigors of daily work can make your body feel sore, weak, tight and generally unwell. As mentioned above, this can contribute to a vicious cycle where the individual feels more stressed, causing their physical symptoms to worsen.

So, while stress can be traced to outside factors, the way it manifests itself on our physical bodies can become a clear medical issue.

How Chiropractic for Stress Can Help

Through state-of-the-art imaging and targeted adjustments, individuals can improve the functioning of major nerve pathways along their spine and upper body. This care can restore energy and relieve pain, helping individuals feel less physically encumbered by the stress they experience. They can also begin to take steps to improve posture and avoid further stress-related conditions.

Over time, removing these barriers can empower individuals to make choices about their health that not only improve their body’s functioning but also their physical sensation of well-being. So, while stressful things like your job, traffic or financial troubles may not be avoidable, individuals can receive the care they need to handle stress better and feel more positive about their physical health overall.

Take proactive steps to remove the most debilitating aspects of stress when you book an appointment with a chiropractic professional today.

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