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The Benefits of a Detox Foot Bath

Consider for a moment the value of your feet. They are the workhorses that carry your body through life. They are so important, yet they are often overworked and not properly cared for. Feet are the gateway for many toxins and pathogens, since they are the part of the body that most frequently engages with the ground. Your feet also naturally sweat, harboring over 5000 sweat pores, to rid your body of the harmful substances it has collected.

Your feet need a break and your body needs cleansing. The best way to achieve both is to have a detox foot bath in Woodbridge. Here are a few of the benefits.

Peaceful Tranquility

Clients who receive a detox foot bath report that it is a very relaxing experience. The 20 minute process involves soaking your feet in warm, salted water. The sensation of soaking your feet is very peaceful. All modern day stresses of your work, home life and school seem to disappear in the brief moment. You have the luxury of sitting back, relaxing and releasing the toxins in both your body and mind. With all your daily stressors, this benefit alone is well worth the trip to your local chiropractor to have a detox foot bath treatment, but the perks do not end with a very relaxing 20 minutes of tranquility.

Detox Foot Bath Colors

There are an enormous amount of toxins gathered by the body on a daily basis. As you are enjoying your detox foot bath, you might notice that the bubbly water begins to change color. This is due to a state-of-the-art energized cartridge that pulls negatively charged ions from your body and into the water, operating just like a magnet. Each foot bath session varies from person to person. No two end results will be the same. The colors are often astounding and dramatic. Many patients report immediate relief of pain caused by multiple afflictions. Others are able to heal faster from health ailments. Other benefits include reduced levels of stress and better sleep.

Bring Up Other Issues to Your Chiropractor

Since you will be going in for a detox foot bath, this is a great time to bring up other issues to your chiropractor. Many people suffer from chiropractic subluxations. These often present themselves as pain without giving away a clear cause. There are also many joints and tendons in the feet that can become damaged due to simple daily activities. If you are experiencing pain or discomfort, speak with your chiropractor.

The EB-Pro™ Ion Therapy warm water foot bath treatment is painless, takes little time to complete and is very safe. Please note that Detox Foot baths have not, nor has the technology of Detox Foot Baths been evaluated or approved by the (FDA) Food and Drug Administration. Therefore, these statements contained herein are for informational purposes only.

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