“How do I find time for exercise?”

Article Contributed by Ruth Gordon

Most likely, we have all said this some time in our lives. Many of us feel there is so much that demands our attention that trying to find time for exercise is near impossible. However, if you make it convenient, even the busiest people can find the time. Consider the following tips to make physical activity more convenient to you:

1) Waking up even 15 minutes earlier than you usually do and taking a brisk walk can help set the tone for your day. You might find you will stick with your program easier if you do it in the morning. 

2) When doing household chores, try working at a pace that gets the heart pumping. Working in the yard can also be a good way to work your muscles. 

3) Instead of sitting on the couch while watching television, have some hand weights or tubing handy to use during your favorite shows. And try this: every time a commercial comes on, do 20 crunches or pushups. 

4) Take the whole family out for a before- or after-dinner walk. Or play catch, ride bikes, whatever your family enjoys together. 

5) Try getting your friends together for an exercise class instead of going to lunch. That way you can get fit and socialize at the same time. 

6) Plan outings with the family that require walking; such as visiting the zoo, or hiking in a local park. 

7) When running your errands, work in a little extra activity by parking farther away from the store or walking a lap or two around the parking lot before you begin shopping. 

8) Take fitness breaks at work to take a short walk or walk up a few flights of stairs.  

9) Start a lunchtime walking group with your co-workers. 

10) If you travel for work, take an exercise tube with you to use while there.   

Make physical activity part of your everyday routine in as many ways as possible. You might find a more vibrant, energetic you that is waiting to come alive!


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