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imgWelcome to Wellness! ACT Wellness Center is a family chiropractic care center that specializes in natural and alternative solutions to achieve optimal health, correction and pain management in Woodbridge, VA. Our chiropractor, Dr. Caratozzolo (Dr. C) has been practicing chiropractic in Woodbridge since 1998. He is a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician (CCSP) and a Chiropractic Extremity Practitioner (CCEP) and has been voted Best Chiropractor Woodbridge, VA 10 years in a row!

Dr. C is more than just a back doctor--he is dedicated to promoting wellness in all aspects of his patient’s lives! He believes that there is a more effective way for everyone to achieve their best quality of life and reach their full potential. Whether you are managing an immediate injury or looking for a long-term holistic lifestyle, we proudly serve our clients to meet their desired health goals.

At ACT Wellness Center, we are enthusiastic about combining chiropractic services with wellness services to help people of all ages! From the new born to the elderly, Dr. C has helped many people who thought they could not be helped. Serving our community with excellence, our family chiropractic office in Woodbridge will provide the best care to each and every member of your family.

Dr. Carmelino Caratozzolo, or Dr. C, as his patients call him, has dedicated his life to helping others achieve health and wellness in Dale City, Manassas, Montclair, Fairfax, Mt. Vernon, and Woodbridge, VA. This goal is spelled out in the name of his practice: ACT Wellness Center. However, wellness is more than just a word to Dr. C – it’s a lifestyle. 

Before becoming a chiropractor, he was an athletic trainer and amateur bodybuilder, during which health and wellness were a foundation for his success and daily life. Dr. C regularly treats chiropractic patients who live with back pain, neck pain, leg pain, foot and ankle pain, shoulder and arm pain, wrist pain, headaches, migraines, sciatica, and sports injuries. Patients also seek his care to achieve and maintain general wellness. Dr. C provides a comprehensive and holistic approach to care that includes chiropractic treatments such as spinal, occipital, and extremity adjustments. He provides wellness therapies that include cold laser therapy, detox foot baths, ice pack cryotherapy, electrical muscle stimulation, and custom foot orthotics. ACT Wellness also provides bio nutrition, which is a comprehensive testing process that helps determine which vitamins and nutrients you need less or more of. With the results, Dr. C can provide very specific nutritional and supplemental recommendations to help you reach the balance you need. 

Whether you’re in search of pain relief or you just want to be your healthiest, the solution is within reach. Dr. C can provide the chiropractic and wellness care you need in Dale City, Manassas, Montclair, Fairfax, Mt. Vernon, and Woodbridge, VA to help you achieve your goal.

Natural Pain Management In Woodbridge, VA

We provide natural based treatments that incorporate key aspects of health and wellness that are fundamental for your long-term health. Unlike other back doctors in Woodbridge, VA our services are aimed to treat the underlying condition you suffer from, not just the symptoms. Dr. Caratozzolo uses chiropractic adjustments, nutrition, supplementation, detoxification, functional exercise programs, cold laser therapy and PEMF therapy; these are just some of the treatments he integrates for your natural pain management care. Look no further for a chiropractor in Woodbridge.

We’ve helped many people who thought they couldn’t be helped.

Voted Best Chiropractor For 10 Consecutive Years! 

Voted Best Chiropractor

We have found the majority of our visitors are referred here by our existing clients. We thank them for voting our office Best Chiropractic Woodbridge, VA and voting Dr. Caratozzolo Best Chiropractor Woodbridge, VA – 10 years in a row!

We always welcome new patients. From infants to the elderly, we’re here to serve all of your family chiropractic needs. Our goal is to improve patient wellness and “quality of life” rather than just treat symptoms. Give us a call at (703) 491-9355 and come visit us at 14111 Minnieville Road, Woodbridge, VA 22193.

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