T6 vertebra
Your T6 vertebra protects the nerve root that allows your brain to communicate with your stomach. As you can imagine, this has far reaching effects on the rest of your body, and while it’s protected by the ribcage, it can still be subject to stenosis, injury or degeneration, resulting in localized weakness or sensations of pain. It’s located close to the stomach in your body, and as such you may notice stomach problems if it
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If you’re at all into exploring modern healthcare, you’ve probably heard the term “Wellness” thrown around a lot. Holistic and whole-body approaches to healthcare and well-being are becoming more and more popular these days as people seek to avoid intrusive medical procedures and just live a healthier lifestyle overall. In this exploration, people are beginning to turn to a field of medicine that’s been around for centuries but only now is gaining major traction: chiropractic
T5 Vertebra
Your T5 vertebra is located in your spine, roughly halfway down your back. It’s the fifth of our twelve thoracic vertebrae, and is attached to ribs on both sides of your body. It continues the pattern of growth, being larger than the T4, and it’s responsible for your liver function, your solar plexus, and the general level of circulation in your body. As such, problems with your T5 vertebra can cause liver problems, blood pressure
Vertebrae of the Week
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We’re moving into a new era in healthcare. As people are looking for better ways to protect their overall health and well-being, they’re also turning back to a time when the key to doing that was simply to live a healthy lifestyle. Holistic treatments are on the rise, and chiropractic is gaining rapidly in popularity all over the world. Chiropractic care is, at its core, a holistic approach to overall health and well-being. While chiropractors
T4 Vertebra
The T4 vertebra, the tenth vertebra down in your spinal column, protects a nerve root that impacts your gall bladder and your common duct. As such, misalignments here can cause problems with liver and gall bladder function, including jaundice and shingles, among others. This vertebra is located in your torso, and is a major supporting bone for your rib cage. Your ribs strategically slot into this vertebra, which is larger than the T3, with smaller
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