Choose Your Own Chiropractic Treatment Options

At ACT Wellness Center we believe it’s easier to stay well than to get well. Our primary focus is prevention and treating the person as a whole. Chiropractors work with your central nervous system to ensure your brain-body connection is working at its best. Through spinal adjustments, chiropractors help to restore your good health. Once you have experiencing pain substantial tissue damage may have already occurred.

Back pain is the second leading cause of physician visits; these costly visits can add up. Think prevention when it comes to your finances. It’s actually cheaper to treat the problem and the underlying causes through prevention: Health: Prevention is worth the Money.

In our office we follow the same principles that Dr. Todd sets. We give patients the option of simply getting out of pain or following a program of regular chiropractic adjustments. Take charge of your chiropractic treatment options. It’s the patient’s choice, not the insurance company’s.The financial realities stack up. Check it out – Todd Lloyd DC says, “Your insurance companies can only help you in times of catastrophe. But, to grow well away from a broken health system and your own bodily emergencies, you have to take your own initiative.”

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