Vertebrae of the Week: T10 Vertebra

The T10 Vertebra, also called the tenth thoracic vertebra, is a part of your thoracic spine and the tenth down from the top. It’s in the lower part of your mid-back and is one of the vertebrae that attaches to your rib cage in your mid-back.

Any time you have a misalignment in one of your vertebrae, it can result in pain and a variety of other health-related symptoms, but each of the regions in your back has the responsibility to protect specific bundles of nerves. Let’s take a look at the nerves that the T10 vertebra protects, the symptoms that can be associated with a subluxation in this region, and where to find help for your pain management.

T10 Vertebra

The T10 vertebra is part of the lower-middle back, and is known as a transition vertebra, due to its proximity to the lumbar, or lower-back, vertebrae. It is among the most susceptible to damage and injury from compression fractures. Aside from these injuries, however, it is among the most resistant to direct injury because it is protected by the rib cage.

Those who do suffer a serious spinal injury in this region can suffer symptoms such as paralysis, loss of function in the legs and torso, reduced sensation and dexterity in the hands and fingers, loss of bowel and bladder control, and reduced ability to stand.

Other Issues with the T10 Region

The nerve bundles protected by the T10 region have to do with our kidney function and cardiovascular system. As such, those who suffer a subluxation to the T10 can suffer from kidney problems, hardened arteries, exhaustion and chronic fatigue, pyelitis (renal pelvic inflammation) and nephritis (kidney inflammation).

Woodbridge Chiropractors

The right chiropractor can help to address problems that arise from misalignments in your spine. By adjusting your back and correcting the curvature, they can relieve the health problems and issues that arise from pressure on your nerve bundles. If you’re in the Woodbridge, VA, region, ACT Wellness is the leading chiropractic provider for eight years running. Give us a call for an appointment today!

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