Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain

This time of year again: lots of sweets, candy, chocolates and cookies. During the holidays, we love to exchange recipes with our patients and friends. If you enjoy English scones, this recipe is for you: English Scones, Not Fry Bread. Our buddy Ned McArthur, DC, Orem Chiropractor enjoys these scones while hanging out with his kids. But I assure you, he doesn’t eat them all of the time. Dr. Ned of Orem Chiropractic is a fit and healthy guy who plays tennis and runs marathons. Increasing your activity level is a really simple way to stop the holiday weight gain.

Celebrating with food can be a challenge especially when you have traditional dishes that are emotionally deep-rooted. Yes, it’s hard to pass up Mom’s Mega Christmas Casserole. YUM! Nevertheless, Mom’s Christmas Casserole is no longer a heart attack on a plate. At first, it was hard to convince her but we found some great substitutes. Low-fat cheeses and more vegetables really did the trick. So why not tweak those old traditions and start some new ones? How about a pot-luck party with the theme of preparing the healthiest holiday dish?

The key to surviving the holidays is being mindful of your health. The holiday season doesn’t need to be the eating season!  When celebrating with food, don’t overdo it. Eat for nutrition, avoid the temptation to overeat and try eating something healthy before you go to that holiday party. If you have a full stomach, you will be less likely to overeat, especially when you are being tempted by all of those delicious and most likely fattening treats.  Take small bites and small portions. Make smart choices and avoid those calorie dense foods all together. Pass up the unnecessary calories in alcohol and sugary drinks. Try drinking a glass of water before your meals; this may curb your appetite.

Maintaining good nutrition year round is so important.

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