Subluxation Degeneration

Did you know… Chiropractors are the only professionals in the world that deal with spinal misalignment called a Subluxation? A Subluxation can occur from the inability to adapt to mental, chemical and physical stresses. This kind of spinal misalignment is very common.  The medical profession also uses the term Subluxation.  His kind of Subluxation refers to a dislocation a spinal vertebra which is obviously quite a different situation.  In fact this kind of Subluxation very often results in surgical intervention.  This difference in definition can and does cause miscommunication between the two professions.

Please note that we will be addressing the Chiropractic version of a subluxation.  Subluxations have been known to occur in as early as the birthing process.  The challenge we run into when this occurs is that there are no obvious symptoms present.  Think of a Subluxation as a misaligned tire of your car.  The longer the tires are misaligned, the more likely there will be a chance of abnormal tread wear.  Abnormal wear due to Subluxation is called “Subluxation Degeneration”.  Unfortunately Subluxations are not only defined as misalignment of spinal bones.  Unfortunately there is a nerve component that can and does create devastating effects on how the nervous system communicates with the the entire person.  His can lead to a host of health issues.

Depending on your sources there are either three or four phases of degeneration.  Unfortunately it only takes 14 days for the degenerative process to begin.  In phase 1, abnormal motion, nerve interference begins, postural imbalances, aberrant muscle tone and scarring.  No major findings may be found on x-rays.  Phase 2; Bone and joint changes begin to appear including irregular joint surfaces and decreased disc height.  Phase 3; Extensive joint and/or disc degeneration with more bony changes called “spurring” and early signs of fusion begin to appear.  Phase 4; Extensive bony changes and fusion are present along with significant associated health issues.

Have your spine checked right away.  You will be glad you did.

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