Running Shoes – Great Gift Idea!

Did you know that the anatomy of a running shoes differ from one another? Each running shoe offers specific structural features. The American Academy Podiatric Sports Medicine (AAPSM) has a complete explanation of the anatomy of the running shoe. This site is an excellent resource for running shoe review since they have a dedicated committee which evaluates the brand and type of shoe. AAPSM mentions, the majority of running shoes sold are stability shoes. Because each person’s stride differs, it isn’t possible to know how the shoe fits just by a description on the box. Most runners benefit from shoes that are not too firm, stiff, cushioned or flexible.

Changing your running shoe may contribute to shin splints. The term “shin splints” is really a “trash can” term for Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome. To keep it simple, this is when an imbalance between the muscles that lift the foot and opposing muscles that pull it down. Kevin Venerus DC, Livonia chiropractor, mentions this in his article Shin Splints – What to Do About it. On his blog, Advanced Back Solutions, Kevin points out some very helpful treatments and provides a video of calf and ankle stretching workout for shin splints.

Old shoes, and shoes that don’t fit properly and faulty foot biomechanics can also be a major contributor to shin splints.  Changing the shoe is the easy part, just go to a running store to get fitted properly. Changing the faulty foot biomechanics is something else all together; chiropractic treatments to the foot and ankle can help and custom orthotics or even visiting a podiatrist is a good idea.  Consider it prevention.

If the shoe fits,

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