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Isn’t it ironic to think that some people would pay to have a new face while the rest of their body was falling apart? Many of us spend hundreds and even thousands of dollars a year on our hair, make-up, plastic surgery, clothing, teeth, body care products and treatments.  In fact, over $10 billion was spent in 2010 on cosmetic procedures, ranging from breast augmentation to Botox. But often, few people go out of their way to take care of the spine and nervous system.

Have you ever noticed some people who would be completely hunched over in pain, barely able to walk, but they otherwise looked great? Degeneration of the vertebrae of the spine (aka arthritis, joint degeneration, spondylosis, osteoarthritis, disc degeneration, stenosis, etc.) will happen much like cavities of the teeth if you don’t take the necessary means to prevent it. Many people don’t take care of their spine because they just don’t know they have a problem or that they should have a regular spinal hygiene regimen, just as they do a dental hygiene regimen.

Your spine functions as a place for muscle attachment so you can hold yourself up, and to protect the spinal cord and nerves of your nervous system.  What motivates many people to come to a chiropractor is back or neck pain and we’re great at helping people with those challenges.  However, only 10% of your nervous system even has the ability to provide the sensation of pain.  The other 90% is for controlling and coordinating the estimated 3 trillion bits of information that is processed by your body at any given second.

Pretty crazy, huh?  If your spine is functioning optimally, meaning all the vertebrae are in proper alignment and are moving easily through their full range of motion, then there is very little stress on your spine.  This means there is little stress on your nervous system so it can control, coordinate and adapt your body to your environment and activities optimally.

However, if you have misalignment and fixation, or what we call a subluxation in your spine, then your nervous system can’t adapt optimally. You might have pain, you might not!  You might experience less energy, poor digestion, frequent illness or virtually any other symptom you can imagine.  Not only are “silent” or asymptomatic subluxations going to lead to premature spinal decay, they will impede your nervous system and your body to be its best. Do you believe that you would take better care of your spine if it wasn’t out of sight/out of mind?

Remember the other function of your spine: to hold you up. How well are you holding yourself up?  I’m talking about posture. If your spine is subluxated, it is much more difficult to maintain good posture. Let’s face it: people with good posture look better and usually feel more confident. Try this! Sit up straight. Pull your shoulders back and your head back over your shoulders. Take a deep breath…How do you feel? I would wager that you feel more energized and a little better than you felt about a minute ago. Look in a mirror while maintaining this good posture.  What do you see?  You not only feel better, but I bet you look better too!  It’s much easier to maintain this healthy posture with a healthy spine that is free of subluxation. Taking care of your spine by seeing a chiropractor regularly and learning how to take care of your spine through exercise and a healthy lifestyle is essential.Best of PWC Winner

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