Choosing the Right Walking Shoe

Did you know there’s a good reason to own multiple pairs of shoes? It goes far beyond style and appearance, though that’s certainly a part of it. In fact, the shoes you choose to wear should fit the activity you’re undertaking. Walking shoes, for example, have specific features related to posture and support that other shoes don’t share.

The right walking shoes are comfortable and can help to prevent injuries, while the wrong walking shoes can lead to everything from blisters to back problems. Learn how choosing the right walking shoe will make all the difference in your posture and pain management, and find back pain relief in Woodbridge, VA.

Choosing the Right Walking Shoe

The right walking shoe is going to keep your feet comfortable and largely pain-free even on long walks. It will protect your foot from injury, from blisters, and calluses. It should also provide the right arch support and shock absorption that will not only protect your knees and legs, but your hip and back as well.

What Features to Seek

The build of the shoe makes a huge difference in the function and fit it provides. You should look for features that will reduce the stress on your Achilles tendon, by locking the shoe around your heel. A heel collar should cushion your ankle and keep your foot from moving inside the shoe.

Look for an upper that is made of a breathable mesh to allow for airflow and ventilation. The insole is vital to protect your feet and provide arch support, and the midsole should be comprised of either air cushion, gel, or foam padding to absorb shock and impact when your foot hits the ground. Finally, you want a round and roomy toe box to prevent calluses and toe blisters.

Know Your Feet

While the above are basic and general guidelines, you need to know your feet to choose the right shoe. If the shoe is too wide or narrow you’ll end up blistered or callused. You also need a shoe with enough room for your toes to prevent aggravation of disorders like hammertoes or bunions.

Your arch type is essential to choosing the right shoe. Different people have different arch heights. Neutral arches are those that require firm midsoles, semicurved or straight sole and footprint shapes (lasts) and moderate stability in the rear. Low arches, also called “flat feet” could contribute to joint stress and muscle pain. Straight lasts and motion control are recommended.

Finally, feet with high arches can cause a great deal of strain on muscles and joints, because the feet don’t absorb shock particularly well. These need extra cushioning and curved lasts.

Back Pain Relief Woodbridge, VA

In the end, find shoes that fit well, are comfortable, and provide ideal support. Replace worn-out shoes as needed. If you are in need of back pain relief in Woodbridge, VA, the right chiropractor can give you the help you need. For over eight years running, ACT Wellness has been the leading chiropractic clinic in the region. Give us a call for an appointment today!

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