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Managing Your Tension Headaches

When you combine poor posture, stress, and constant errand-running (which
definitely causes stress), a tension headache can happen out of the blue.
This is a signal that your body is taking on a lot at once! There are many
things that can bring on a tension headache, such as constantly looking down
at your phone, staring at a screen all day, or driving for several hours
without rest.

There are two types of tension headaches: chronic and episodic. Chronic
tension headaches happen frequently, with pain developing on both sides of
the head, the forehead, and at the base of the skull. Studies show,
chiropractic treatments can help decrease the severity and frequency since
these headaches are more associated with tightness and misalignment in the
neck vertebrae. In doing so, a doctor of chiropractic aligns the bones of
the neck; this is known as a chiropractic adjustment. The adjustment helps
to decrease irritation to tissues that cause headaches. Episodic tension
headaches occur from stressful events and are typically treated with
prescription drugs or over-the-counter medication. However, medication can
become ineffective and may cause uncomfortable, addictive and dangerous side
effects. Regardless the type of headache you may be experiencing,
chiropractic treatment is a non-invasive, non-addictive treatment option for
body pain.

6 ways to prevent tension headaches:

- Minimize stress

- Use over-the-counter medicine

- Take breaks

- Adjust the way you sleep

- Stretch and exercise

- Consistent chiropractic adjustments

Our chiropractic patients achieve significant headache relief with just a
single adjustment, but some require several sessions to get the maximum
benefit. Consequently, they get the relief they were looking for. Check out
 actwellness.com to read our patient's testimonials.

If you're suffering from tension headaches, pain, a chronic condition, or
struggling to lead a healthy lifestyle, don't wait to seek out help. We at
ACT Wellness Center in Woodbridge, VA feel that it's important to recognize
what your body is telling you and then take care of your body accordingly.
Ignoring it, taking over-the-counter medication is not the solution.

We invite you to visit us at ACT Wellness Center, 14111 Minnieville Road,
Woodbridge, VA. (Dr. Caratozzolo has been voted best chiropractor in Prince
William County for 10 years running.) We are happy to address any concerns
or answer any questions you have! For more information or to schedule an
appointment, please visit actwellness.com or call the office at

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