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Eating Healthy While Eating Out

The one thing you always hear from people when you’re trying to live healthy or lose weight is, “Stop eating out.” We live in a world rich with fried foods, fatty meals, and way too many carbohydrates. Still, you have to live a little, and it is absolutely possible to eat out and make the right choices.

The biggest trick is looking past the rich, fatty, sugary foods and finding the options on the menu that are still appetizing, but won’t put an end to your quest to healthy living. Learn about making the healthiest choices when you and your family eat out, and how a chiropractor in Woodbridge, VA, can help you live a better life.

Don’t Drink Your Calories

This is a huge factor for many people. There are 150 calories and 52 grams of sugars in a 16-ounce glass of soda pop. Now think about those free refills and consider you’re probably drinking 2 or 3 of those.

Cut out the sugary soda, stay away from alcohol—especially sweet mixed drinks, and above all, avoid milkshakes. Diet soda, unsweetened tea, lowfat milk, and even water are excellent choices when you’re eating out.

Eat the Salad

If your meal comes with a side salad, go for it. It will help to fill you up and you’ll eat less of the rich stuff as a result. Just avoid heavy, fatty dressings, and go light on things like croutons and bacon bits. Stick with the greens, tomatoes and cucumbers and you’re good to go!

Go for Smaller Portion Sizes

We eat too much, and that’s a fact. Go for a side-dish, appetizer or senior sized portion. It’ll come on a smaller plate, which will still make it look like plenty of food and you’ll be surprised at just how satisfying a smaller portion is when you go home sated, but not stuffed.

Stock up on Fruits and Veggies

Go for fruits, vegetables, and the like when you choose your meals. Pick things like stir-fry, kabobs, and similar. When it’s time for dessert, consider a fruit cup instead of that cake or ice cream.

Read the Nutrition Facts

Restaurants are required to make the nutrition information available for their menus. Take the time to look at the numbers on the meals you’re considering. That alone can be a major motivator to order something healthy.

Take Leftovers Home

We all grew up on our moms telling us to “clean your plate!” You don’t have to do that now that you’re an adult (and you probably shouldn’t have when you were a kid). Once you’re sated, stop eating. You can always ask for a take-away box or bag if you don’t want to waste the leftovers. Never let guilt about leaving food make you overeat.

How a Chiropractor in Woodbridge, VA Can Help

Chiropractors can be a great way to start on the road to wellness. Your local chiropractic clinic is far more than a place you go for spinal adjustments. These wellness centers will also provide healthy living advice, including nutritional coaching. If you’d like more information about bio nutrition services, call your chiropractor in Woodbridge, VA, at ACT Wellness today.

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