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How Chiropractic Care Can Assist in Holistic Health

We’re moving into a new era in healthcare. As people are looking for better ways to protect their overall health and well-being, they’re also turning back to a time when the key to doing that was simply to live a healthy lifestyle. Holistic treatments are on the rise, and chiropractic is gaining rapidly in popularity all over the world.

Chiropractic care is, at its core, a holistic approach to overall health and well-being. While chiropractors are known for adjusting your back, they also provide a whole range of wellness services. Discover how chiropractic care through an holistic doctor near Woodbridge, VA, can help with your holistic health, and keep you well for years.

What Is an Holistic Approach to Health?

When a doctor undertakes an holistic approach to health, they’re not just looking at treating sickness. They’re looking at an approach that considers the entire spectrum of the body. It looks at the mind, the spirit and how your body works to keep you healthy, not just how to treat it when it’s sick.

A holistic doctor seeks to help you find balance in all aspects of your life, to eat right, to get plenty of sleep, and to make sure your body does its most effective job at healing itself.

The Principles of Holistic Health

A holistic doctor abides by certain principles which seek to avoid intrusive and chemical options where possible. While understanding that traditional healthcare is important, they believe that resorting to surgery and medication are a last resort. Instead, they champion diet, exercise and lifestyle changes.

They use holistic treatments like chiropractic and massage to improve wellness. They use techniques to focus on stress reduction and look to treat the root causes of diseases, rather than the symptoms themselves.

Chiropractic Care

A chiropractor is one important way you can approach holistic medicine. A good chiropractor will provide lifestyle coaching help, health and nutrition advice, exercise plans, and general health counseling to help you live the best possible lifestyle. By correcting spinal subluxations, a chiropractor can help your brain communicate better with the rest of your body. In doing so, they help to improve your motor functions, mobility, flexibility and even your immune system.

By helping you to live a better life and making sure your spine is in the correct curvature, a chiropractor takes a holistic approach to your overall well-being.

Holistic Doctor near Woodbridge, VA

For the past two decades, Dr. Carmelo F. Caratozzolo at ACT Wellness has been a full-service holistic doctor near Woodbridge, VA. Our offices offer a complete range of health and wellness services, including the best chiropractic care for the past eight years running.

If you’re looking for a great local chiropractor to start your road to holistic health, we’re ready to help. From spinal adjustments to nutritional counseling, exercise plans and more, we’ll get your body functioning exactly as it should. Give us a call for your appointment today.

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