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Vertebrae of the Week: T2 Vertebra

Your T2 vertebra is the second below your C7 or T1 vertebra. It is marked by faceted sides and is the bone that protects your spinal nerve 2, which is directly related to your coronary arteries. This means it helps to control the blood flow to and from your heart, which makes it an exceptionally important nerve to protect. There are a range of conditions that could be associated with the T2 thoracic vertebra, but in this article we’ll look at a couple of the most common issues you might encounter if it’s out of alignment.

T2 and Coronary Arteries

Your cardiovascular system, quite simply, keeps your body running. Without your brain, you can’t get signals to do things like breathe and move and think and see. Without your heart, your brain doesn’t get the blood it needs to operate. The nerve that is located at the T2 provides the impulse and innervation for many aspects of your heart’s function.

Your spine, when it is subluxated or misaligned, can put pressure and compression on this nerve that can negatively impact its ability to communicate between brain and heart and cause a whole range of problems including blood pressure issues.


Your pericardium is a sac that contains your heart and your important veins and arteries such as your vena cavita, pulmonary veins and arteries, and aorta. The nerve root at T2 can influence all of these vessels, creating illness and disease if its function isn’t at its peak. These can include pericarditis, pericardial effusion, and cardiac tamponade.

Symptoms of T2 Vertebra Problems

A T2 vertebra that’s out of alignment can cause symptoms such as chest pain, breathing problems, rapid heartbeat, and even fever. If you are experiencing issues with your heart, your blood pressure, your breathing, or the like, a T2 subluxation could be to blame.

A good chiropractor can diagnose problems with your T2 and other vertebrae and help to get your proper spinal curvature back to where it should be, and ensure your body and its immune system function at peak performance.

If you’d like a consultation or evaluation to see if chiropractic can help you, contact ACT Wellness today!

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