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Seeing Your Chiropractor for Migraines

Migraines are the worst. Millions of people all over the world are afflicted with this condition, which can occur once every couple years, or at worst, every few days, and can be truly crippling and disabling. We’ve all heard the common line: a pain pill, caffeine, a dark room and silence. For some people that’s great—until the next one occurs.

What if there was a better way to treat migraines? What if there was a way that could keep them from coming back, while giving you control of your life back? Learn how seeing a chiropractor for migraines can not only alleviate your pain, but keep them from coming back, and help you be healthier overall.

Seeing a Chiropractor for Migraines

The first question people ask about seeing a chiropractor for migraines is how a doctor specializing in the spine can help a headache? The answer is that many headaches are caused by the pressure on your nerves that results when your back is out of alignment, and this can include migraines.

Chiropractic treatment is drug-free, holistic and non-invasive. It involves getting your spinal curvature corrected so that your brain and body communicate better. This can alleviate the pain from your migraine, and help to make sure you don’t suffer the problems any more. The fringe benefits are that you’ll be healthier than ever before as your whole body works better!

The Science Is in

There’s not a ton of large studies regarding the science of chiropractic and migraines, but those studies that have been done are positive. One study looked at 22 different existing studies, to create a total sample size of over 2,600 patients. This study showed that chiropractic treatment could serve to prevent migraines effectively.

Another study showed that 22% of those who had chiropractic for migraines saw a 90% drop in frequency, and 49% reported a significant lessening of pain. Still another study in Australia backed up these findings, finding that especially among those with stress as a trigger, 80% of sufferers found that chiropractic enabled them to process stress better and therefore reduced migraine symptoms.

Are There Side Effects?

Chiropractic is an incredibly safe process, and your chiropractor is a trained and licensed healthcare professional who has gone through advanced post-graduate studies to earn a doctorate in Chiropractic. This means your chiropractor is a doctor. If you experience side effects, they should be mild, and they could involve tiredness, temporary discomfort where the adjustment occurred, and stiffness which should abate with time and as your body gets used to the adjustments.

Your chiropractor will be happy to discuss any potential side effects with you as they develop your personalized plan of treatment, which may also include dietary and nutritional information, exercise and other approaches to manage your pain and lead a healthier life.

Woodbridge, VA, Chiropractor

If you’re thinking about visiting a chiropractor for migraines in the Woodbridge, VA, area, ACT Wellness can help. We’ve been the leading chiropractic facility in the region for over eight years, and we’re ready to help. Give us a call for a consult today.

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