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Chiropractic and Footcare

Healthy feet are essential to your overall well-being. Sadly, they’re also one of the most neglected parts of the body in that sense. Your feet are essential to your lower extremity joint and tissue health, on your posture and your proper spinal curvature. Of course, if you ask any diabetic or athlete, they’ll be the first to tell you how important it is to care for your feet, but other than that, too many people don’t pay enough attention to their feet.

Something that most people don’t realize — even those who do recognize the importance of footcare — is that a chiropractor can play a vital role in caring for your feet and keeping your whole body working right. Read about how chiropractic and foot care go hand-in-hand, and discover how your chiropractor can use multiple wellness options for foot issues to keep your whole body healthy and strong.

Chiropractic and Foot Care

Chiropractors adopt a range of foot care strategies to help keep your body strong. These strategies encourage long-term health in the ankles, feet, knees, spine and hips. This can actually help to address the basic cause of many ailments you might suffer, as well as helping to prevent chronic issues with musculoskeletal health, including osteoarthritis in the knees which is often associated with poor quality footwear, as well as excessive load on the joints.

Chiropractic and foot care go together when your chiropractor works to restore the natural strength, function and flexibility of your feet. They do this by examination of the feet and working up plans of treatment both at home and in the office which will have both preventative and corrective functions. They will advise you about proper footwear, and commercial support products. The process is safe, non-invasive and doesn’t involve drugs or surgery.

Feet, Health and You

Your feet are the very first link in a health chain that travels all the way up through your legs and spine, right to your skull. They’re the platform on which your body is supported, and that means they’re essential to overall body function. That means it’s important that they have the right toe splay, arch support, strength and posture to improve balance, defend against improper weight bearing function, and to distribute force evenly when walking or running.

Natural and Non-Invasive Methods

Your chiropractor is an expert in musculoskeletal health, and they will use a range of non-invasive, all-natural and whole-body focused methods to treat your foot problems. These will be customized to the needs of the client, and can range from foot and spinal manipulation to PRICE (protection, rest, ice, compression and elevation treatments), taping, strength and flexibility exercises and more.

They will also educate you on healthy strategies for footwear and foot care, including proper arch support and foot shape, the use of tea tree oils and warm water baths, and more. If you’d like more information about the relationship between chiropractic and foot care, look over our website and if you’re in the Woodbridge, VA, area, call ACT Wellness to make an appointment and start your road to wellness today!

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