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Boost Your Immunity Through Chiropractic Care

0895517001549641241.jpgRegular chiropractic care provides amazing benefits that can potentially have the effect of improving your overall immunity. While these results may sound surprising, they are the natural consequence of removing factors related to the nervous system that can lower immunity while improving your overall energy and feeling of wellness.


By relieving chronic pain, for instance, chiropractic is able to improve your body’s immune functioning and preparedness for adverse health events like disease or injury. Relieving physical markers of stress such as spinal subluxations resulting from bad posture can also help restore your feeling of energy and make you better-prepared to handle stress.


Through positive benefits like these, chiropractic can potentially help reduce the incidence of disease, better-prepare your body for injury and improve wellness all around. To learn more about how chiropractic care boosts immunity and how you can begin receiving these benefits for yourself, read on.


Pain and Stress Lower Immunity

Immunity is generally thought of as a function of how “healthy” our body is in general. If someone gets the right nutrition, plenty of sleep, an adequate amount of physical exercise, etc., they will have a better immune system and will therefore be better prepared for illness or any other adverse health events.


While this view of health reflects many truths, it leaves out the surprising immunity-lowering effects of issues long thought to be psychological or unrelated to immune functioning.


The effect of long-term acute or chronic pain is one of the most important factors to add to the immune-functioning equation, for instance. Research shows that pain can cause the body to direct immune functions like inflammation into areas experiencing pain at the expense of healing capabilities for simultaneous adverse health events that arise. Simply put, being in pain all the time hurts our body’s ability to heal itself. Not only that, the traumatic experience of pain can also inhibit immunity and the healing process, according to extensive reviews of the topic.


In addition to pain, stress can have a tremendous negative impact upon immune response. Studies show that stressful lifestyles increase the time it takes for our bodies to respond to a health threat, and it can also lower our ability to fight off infection or sustain healthy equilibrium overall.


How Chiropractic Boosts Immunity

Firstly, chiropractic care can effectively relieve pain and physical markers of stress. Many issues related to pain—or improper nervous-system functioning like numbness or tingling—stem from abnormal nervous system functioning inhibited by subluxations, which are abnormal curvatures of the spine.


For instance, many people experiencing shoulder or forearm pain could have subluxations in their upper cervical vertebrae near their neck, which places pressure on pathways for critical nerves like the ulnar nerve and leads to seemingly disconnected symptoms. Relieving this pressure can often not just alleviate symptoms but heal the underlying causes of pain and improper functioning in the first place.


Likewise, repetitive stress-based conditions like upper back pain can inhibit our ability to handle stressful situations while making us feel more stressed in turn. For example, someone who dreads going to work may adopt bad posture as a result of subluxations that makes working more painful, adding to their stress. Since stress itself can lower immune response, correcting spinal subluxations that both result from stress and add to it can improve immunity overall.


On top of all this, many researchers observe that chiropractic care can improve nerve functioning, which is critical for a coordinated, effective response to health threats. So, in a myriad of ways, chiropractic care can provide not just relief from stress and pain but also add to your body’s natural defenses.


Improve your overall wellness and feel better both outside and in when you book a chiropractic consultation today.

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