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On Pins & Needles: Common Causes of Extremity Tingling

0298547001549641121.jpgIf you are constantly feeling pins and needles sensations in your hands or feet, it may not be anticipation but rather nerve obstruction.

The feeling of tingling or numbness that happens when our foot or arm “falls asleep” occurs because normal nerve functioning has been impeded. In the case of a temporary tingling sensation after lying on your body in an unusual way, blood flow has been restricted to nerves located in the far reaches of your body. You can also compress major nerves inadvertently, cutting off signals between your body and your brain.

On a temporary basis, this is normal, but if you are feeling these sensations frequently and not really in relation to your posture, you could have a more serious problem with your nerves. This condition is known as “peripheral neuropathy,” and Britain’s NHS states that 1 in 50 of their citizens have it.

There are many causes of peripheral neuropathy, and some of them can be corrected or made less impactful through chiropractic for neuropathy. Read on to learn more about what could be causing your tingling sensations and how chiropractic adjustments may be able to help.

Nerve Entrapment Syndromes

Your body controls functioning and receives signals through a huge network of nerves winding throughout your body. All of these nerves run from your brain down through your spinal cord and out through a few major passages as well as thousands of minor nerves.

In your extremities, major nerves serve as the main connection for smaller nerves. For instance, a nerve called the ulnar nerve runs from the side of your neck under your ear, down your shoulder, across the outside of your elbow and up to the hand. Many people experience “ulnar nerve entrapment” from abnormalities in their shoulders, elbow or cervical vertebrae — the spinal discs in your neck. Ulnar nerve entrapment cuts off signals to your forearm and hand, most notably making the pinky numb.

Other types of nerve entrapment include shoulder and collarbone issues (thoracic outlet syndrome), elbow issues (cubital tunnel syndrome) and issues with nerves in your wrist (carpal tunnel syndrome). If ignored, these conditions can sometimes create chronic pain or permanent damage, so they should be evaluated by a professional and treated using options like chiropractic adjustment.


Peripheral nerve damage is a common complication of diabetes, usually caused by tissues affected from too high or too low blood sugar. Tissues farthest away from the body tend to be affected the most, so diabetic patients may notice tingling sensations in their feet, followed by their legs and potentially hands or arms.

Diabetes must be treated in coordination with a medical professional using daily care regimens and careful monitoring of blood sugar and insulin levels. Chiropractic treatments can also help soothe symptoms associated with poor nerve functioning to promote a higher quality of life for people with diabetes.


Alcohol is a type of toxin that our livers can normally break down, but those who drink excessively can damage their liver or put so much alcohol in their body at once that toxic byproducts can result. Since small nerves are sensitive, damage to them can create unusual sensations like tingling or numbness.

Those who are currently intoxicated can experience the “disconnected” feeling from their extremities while under the effects of alcohol, but persistent alcohol abuse can make these sensations permanent. Concerned individuals can manage their condition in coordination with a primary care professional and a licensed doctor of chiropractic.

Consider Chiropractic for Neuropathy to Alleviate and Sometimes Cure Your Condition

Persistent neuropathy is a concerning condition that should be investigated by a medical professional. Chiropractic can often help diagnose and treat the problem through state-of-the-art imaging, thorough testing and a continuing regimen of care.

Book your appointment today to get to the root of your unusual nerve sensations and take the first step towards making them go away for good.

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