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Chiropractors Give Hands to Pro Golfers

0746252001549640996.jpgYou hear a lot about how helpful chiropractic care can be for athletes and sports injuries, but normally people think of football players, runners, soccer players and the like who engage in rigorous, pounding activity. What about golfers, however? Have you ever considered how much strain a golfer puts on their body every single swing of every single hole?

Just watch a golfer’s pose and motion. Watch how they twist themselves constantly. It’s definitely ripe for spinal misalignment and injury, and chiropractors can be vital to a golfer’s career. Read about the relationship between golf and chiropractic care and how the right chiropractor can keep golfers healthy and at the top of their game.

Golf and Chiropractic

Did you know that the Professional Golfers Association, or PGA, maintains a full ten chiropractors on staff as an important part of their medical teams? These chiropractors work for twelve hour shifts, from 6am up till 6pm, every day of a PGA tournament and may be called on to provide care for anywhere from 25 to 40 professional golfers every day.

It’s estimated, in fact, that on any given day up to 33% of golfers on tour will seek some sort of medical care. Over the course of an entire tournament up to 80% of golfers on the tour will need care. This care is provided out of high-tech, expandable trailers which contain fully-functioning healthcare clinic facilities as well as exercise and workout equipment, including network and closed-circuit access to the tournament so the golfers can keep up with goings-on while seeking care.

Golf Injuries

Golf and chiropractic care are clearly well-interconnected. Most golfers experience the lion’s share of their injuries during a tournament, where they have to be at their peak performance and put a great deal of strain on their spine. Most injuries suffered by golfers are in the upper and lower back, the shoulders, the elbows and wrists. These are all areas that are vital to the golf swing and result in a great deal of repetition over the days and years.

Just like any athlete, golfers have to be in peak physical performance to maintain their game and compete with other professionals. They’re engaged in a lot of repeat motion activity both while actually competing and in practicing their craft, so keeping their spinal alignment in proper shape is essential to their health and performance.

How a Chiropractor Helps

Chiropractors approach injuries with a philosophy that the body is an incredible healing machine if it can be allowed to work properly. They fix misalignments in the spine which are called subluxations, and this removes a lot of unnecessary stress on your nervous system, which can interfere with your immune system and your body’s natural healing abilities. Clearing up these subluxations restores flexibility, range of motion and increases strength and reflexes as well as speeding up healing.

If you’re a golfer or any other kind of athlete who is in need of help with sports injuries, the chiropractic care professionals at ACT Wellness can help. Give us a call to schedule an appointment for a consult today!

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