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4 Most Common Running Injuries

0750134001549640945.jpgRunning is an outstanding way to improve your cardiovascular health, endurance and strength as well as reduce cholesterol, improve blood pressure and more. It’s also a great way to put a lot of stress on your skeletal system and muscles. Running injuries can be caused by any number of circumstances, however. Learn about the four most common running injuries and how you can avoid and treat these problems when they do arise so you can stay fit and healthy.

Common Running Injuries

The four most common running injuries suffered by athletes include plantar fasciitis, shin splints, runner’s knee and iliotibial or IT Band Syndrome. Often, these injuries can be caused by overtraining or even improper footwear, which can create misalignments in the hips and pelvic region. The right treatment involves icing the affected areas, but also help from a chiropractor.

Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis occurs when you repeatedly strain your plantar fascia on the bottom of your feet. This leads to severe inflammation and pain in that region of the body. It’s usually at its worst in the morning but eases up as the day progresses. It’s caused by the increased load running puts on your arches when you run with improper positioning.

The best ways to treat this injury is adjusting your running posture and routine as well as potentially using custom orthotics, stretching and myofascial stripping techniques. You’ll want to talk to your healthcare professional to create a course of treatment.

Shin Splints

Shin splints are an incredibly common ailment that manifests as pain up the front of the shin, particularly where your tibialis muscles meet your lower leg. It tends to manifest as an ache while at rest and a sharp pain when you run. It’s also caused by excessive loads from improper technique, from running on hard surfaces or from the wrong footwear.

Avoid running on concrete and have your doctor check out your alignment. Engage in regular lower-leg stretches to help alleviate the problem and prevent future issues.

Runner’s Knee

Many runners experience pain beneath their kneecap, as well as grinding and popping sensations (and sounds) when bending. It can also be accompanied by redness and swelling. This injury is caused by improper positioning of the patella and knee joint, which causes rubbing between the knee and leg bones and a wearing down of the cartilage. This is usually the result of improper knee alignment, as well as foot or pelvic instability.

If you experience this problem, stop running and seek advice from a chiropractor to see about getting your proper alignment restored.

IT Band Syndrome

Similar to runner’s knee, this ailment manifests as inflammation and tenderness outside the knee. It usually begins while you’re running and will get worse as you run. It can also be exacerbated by walking up hills or on stairs. It can often be caused by fallen arches, which cases your lower leg to rotate improperly when your heel comes down. The best way to avoid it is to resist running on hills and be checked by your chiropractor for imbalances.

If you’ve experienced one of these common running injuries, a chiropractor can be an excellent source of treatment and healing. ACT Wellness may be able to help. Give us a call for an appointment today.

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