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How Chiropractic for Kids Sets a Foundation for Health

0422691001549640696.jpgMany people are concerned about the potential dangers of taking their child to see a chiropractor. Certainly the idea of spinal manipulation for a child might sound scary, but not only is it completely safe, it can actually be greatly beneficial for your child’s start to a life of healthy living.

You can make chiropractic a vital part of your entire family’s wellness routine. Learn how chiropractic for kids sets a solid foundation for health and wellness that can last a child’s entire life as the building blocks for well-being.

The Safety of Chiropractic for Kids

The first issue to address when considering chiropractic for kids is that of safety. We all want our children to be safe and happy, and the truth is that chiropractic is not only safe, it’s actually very beneficial. Studies have indicated that not only is the practice safe for children, but can result in improvements to attitude and behavior, to building immune system function and to improving sleeping patterns. It has even been used as a part of treatment plans for conditions like ADHD and autism.

How Can Chiropractic Help My Child?

The purpose of chiropractic care is to take care of the entire body and build its natural ability to heal itself and defend against illness and disease. It does this by adjusting the spine to reduce interference with the electrical impulses that tell our body how to function, which unleashes the natural health and wellness abilities we all possess.

Chiropractors have helped to address a range of conditions in children, including:

  •         Sore throats
  •         Ear infections
  •         Common colds
  •         Fever
  •         Colic
  •         Tonsillitis
  •         Asthma
  •         Bed-wetting
  •         Aches and pains
  •         Physical rehabilitation from injury

Chiropractors and Disease

The degree to which a chiropractor can address any of the conditions your child might face depends upon a number of factors. Chiropractors don’t actually address specific diseases; that’s the realm of traditional medicine. What they do help with is to reduce nerve stress in the spine, which is a condition that affects many people and interferes with your body’s natural healing powers.

When spinal stress is removed, the body heals much more rapidly and effectively and the immune system can combat illness and increase disease resistance. In short, the machine that is your child’s body will function far more efficiently and effectively. The child will better respond to environmental stressors, from germs to temperature and humidity changes, from pollen and toxins to injury.

The Rough-and-Tumble Life of a Child

Let’s face it: while their bodies are much more resistant to damage than those of older adults, children also live a much rougher lifestyle than most adults. They’re constantly on the run and subject to bumps, bruises and even broken bones. They’re always in danger of catching whatever bug is going around, and it’s important to give them every advantage to stay happy, healthy and well.

Bringing your child to a children’s chiropractor can give them just that edge. If you’d like to explore how chiropractic for kids can help your child, call ACT Wellness Center for more information or to schedule an appointment today!

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