The Magic Pill in Disguise

I had the pleasure of meeting Diane Crawford of Cornucopia Personal Chef Service. Her motto is Simplify Your Life! I really enjoyed listening to Diane about her philosophy on what we put into our bodies. So I asked her to contribute to our blog. This is what she had to say….

The Magic Pill

I posted that I was studying for my Nutrition test on Weight Loss & Exercise his past week while on a Social Networking Site. I received a response did I have any magic information to share. I thought this was comical because it seems everyone is looking for some sort of magic pill, or diet that will help them achieve their weight loss goals.

But what if there was something that would help us have:

A more restful sleep

Better nutritional health

Optimal Body Composition

Optimal Bone Density

Better Resistance to Colds

Stronger Circulation & Lung Function

Lower Risk of Heart Disease

Lower Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

Decrease Anxiety & Depression

Increase our Quality of Life as we age

Would you take it? I bet almost everyone would. Well we do have this “magic pill” available to all of us. It just isn’t in pill form. It is disguised as physical activity.

According to WIN the Weight Control Information Network

Only 26 percent of U.S. adults engage in vigorous activity at least three times a week (defined as periods of vigorous physical activity lasting 10 minutes or more). Less than 60 percent of adults do not engage in vigorous physical activity at all.

About 25 percent of people age 12 to 21 engage in light to moderate physical activity regularly. About half of the people in the same age category engage in vigorous physical activity regularly. Approximately 25 percent do not participate in vigorous physical activity, and 14 percent have not participated in any kind of physical activity recently.

So let’s change these statistics and get out there and start moving. We have the magic pill within all of us we just need to start taking it. I believe baby steps are the way to go. We all need to start by doing something physical every day. So do you want to go for a walk?

If you want to know more about Diane and all the services she offers, including gift certificates, you can contact her at (703) 201-2049; also try her personal chef service. I highly recommend her!

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