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Seeking Chiropractic Care for the First Time

Are you suffering from pain in your back or neck? More people every year are turning to chiropractic as an important part of their wellness routine. It carries with it many benefits, including increased mobility, less pain, more flexibility and even a better overall immune system. Here are a few things you should know if you’re seeking first-time chiropractic care to get the most out of the experience.

First-Time Chiropractic Care

Your first-time chiropractic care visit will be much like that with any doctor. You’ll want to bring access to your prior medical and health history, and your health insurance information. The visit will begin with a consult regarding any issues you’ve been having like headaches, problems sleeping or motion issues and pain. You’ll talk about your exercise routine as well as your diet and nutrition.

Pain and Posture

The chiropractor will likely then check to make sure your posture is good and that there aren’t any abnormal issues like your hips or shoulders being out of alignment, or slipped discs. You may undergo strength tests, walking and gait tests, and even a spinal X-Ray. Your first trip may or may not include spinal manipulation. This depends on the nature of your pain and the results of your exam.

A Variety of Wellness Options

There is a broad range of wellness options that a chiropractor can give. The most common are spinal manipulation and therapeutic massage. You should understand that, particularly with spinal manipulation, it’s far more than just “cracking your back,” and attempting to do these things at home can be risky and dangerous. The manipulation performed by a chiropractor is targeted, specific and depends on fine knowledge of your anatomy. Chiropractors are trained medical professionals.

Safe and Effective

You shouldn’t let that deter you from visiting a chiropractor, however. Chiropractic is an exceptionally safe practice—safer, in fact, than many other forms of traditional medicine. When you visit a chiropractic practitioner, you are being cared for by a well-trained medical professional. They are there to treat your health through a holistic, whole-body approach. They are trying to fix the source of the pain and get you back to healthy functioning.

The Spinal Adjustment

During the adjustment process, the chiropractor will position you to examine and assess the affected areas while manipulating any region that is out of alignment with their hands to move everything into position where it should be. This may result in hearing and feeling "popping" or "cracking" while your joints are moved. You shouldn’t panic; this is perfectly normal for the treatment!

Other Remedies 

Other remedies and suggestions you may get from your chiropractor include heat and cold compress, stretching, manipulation using electrical impulses and a consultation regarding diet and exercise. If you have back or neck pain and/or stiffness, and think a chiropractor might be right for you, read some more about it and give us a call for an appointment today.

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