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The Aging Body and Chiropractic Care

Humanity has been searching for the mythological Fountain of Youth for over a thousand years. While there probably is no magical pool that can make age disappear, science is the next best thing. We are living longer and healthier than ever, and as our bodies age, we can do things to keep them youthful and full of life. Chiropractic, for example, has a lot of age-reversing benefits. Learn about the relationship between anti-aging and chiropractic care, and how visiting a chiropractor can keep you young and vibrant.

Anti-Aging and Chiropractic

Our bodies are in an endless struggle to survive in a harsh world. Its ability to rejuvenate and heal itself is nothing short of amazing, but as we get older, it becomes more difficult. Under constant assault from free radicals and reactive oxygen, our bodies need help with their ability to self-heal. The connection between anti-aging and chiropractic has been proven to be a strong way to enhance this ability and keep it stable into our senior years.

The Central Nervous System

Your central nervous system is the core of your entire body—so much so, in fact, that it has entered common parlance in other areas of discourse. Have you ever heard of a central office being the nerve center of a business? It’s the same thing. Your nervous system is how your body relays signals for everything from moving to healing to breathing and keeping your heart beating. There are 75 trillion cells in your body, and every one of them is controlled by your nervous system.

Your Nerves and Your Spine

Your central nervous system runs directly through your spine. When the bones in your back are out of alignment, it can place stress on your spinal cord, which is where the most important nerve bundles are located. This stress creates non-optimal signaling between your brain and body, and makes it more difficult to heal.

As we age, ever more stress is placed on our nervous system, resulting in out-of-alignment bones and heightened stress hormones such as cortisol. All of these interfere with your body’s ability to recover from injury, illness and stress.

Chiropractic Care

A recent study of 76 participants examined whether chiropractic could in fact reduce this spinal stress and help with recovery and anti-aging. The study concluded that after two years of regular chiropractic care, participants had bodies that behaved at a younger level and were much better suited to recover from damage, sickness, stress and other problems that come along with age. In short, being under the care of a chiropractor had measurable anti-aging effects.

If you would like to explore the age-reducing properties of good chiropractic care, we are eager to help. Read about who we are and what we do, and feel free to get in touch with us today for answers to all of your questions or to schedule an appointment.

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