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The Benefits of Chiropractic for Expecting Mothers

Pregnancy is thrilling and exciting, a time full of anticipation and change. It is also, unfortunately, one of the most uncomfortable experiences a woman can endure. Between cramps, pain in the joints and back and hormonal changes, it can be physically a rough experience. There are a number of ways that visiting a chiropractor can help a pregnant woman deal with the discomfort and focus on the positive. Here are a few concrete benefits from pregnancy and chiropractic, and what expectant mothers can get from the practice.

Pregnancy and Chiropractic – Spinal Alignment

The core function of chiropractic care is to re-align a spine that is, for lack of a better term, out of whack. When a woman gets pregnant, she usually puts on a significant amount of weight which pulls on the spine and puts it out of proper alignment. Visiting a chiropractor can keep the spine curvature just as it should be.

Fewer Pain Relievers

During pregnancy, the expectant mother is limited in the kinds of medication she can take. Doctors warn against everything from alcohol to aspirin to coffee. What’s a woman to do when her body is wracked with pain from cramping and muscle aches? Chiropractic helps to control the root cause of much of these aches, reducing the need for medication.

Strengthen Muscles and Joints

One of the best ways to reduce pain is to strengthen the muscles and joints against it in the first place. One of the core functions of chiropractic is to increase strength, endurance and mobility in the muscles and joints. By promoting this strength, chiropractic also strengthens the body’s immune system, which has benefits all its own.

Pelvic Alignment

It should come as no surprise that the pelvis is vital to the process of giving birth. Chiropractic can make sure that the pelvis is properly aligned, which will result in the birth coming much easier with fewer chances for complications. Those seeking natural childbirth, especially, should consider chiropractic for this benefit.

Healing and Recovery

After giving birth, you’re going to need recovery time and visiting a chiropractor can greatly reduce this time. The healthier you stay during pregnancy, the faster you will heal after and the more capable you’ll be of getting back in shape.

Eating right and engaging in a proper and appropriate exercise routine are the core parts of healthy living, but a chiropractor can also become an important agent to help your body heal and recover. Through achieving heightened mobility, greater strength, better posture and proper alignment, you will be able to stay active farther into your pregnancy and keep fit and strong.

These are just a few of the concrete beneficial connections between pregnancy and chiropractic. If you are preparing to introduce your new child into the world, it’s never too late to start with a strong health routine. Check out our practice, and give us a call for more information today!

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