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Staying Safe in the Snow

Wintertime is on its way, and with the world facing an El Niño weather pattern, it looks to be a severe one for many areas of the world, with harsh weather and temperatures across the board. Millions of people across the nation will have to navigate ice and snow, in conditions where even the best boots may not keep you upright. Read an overview of the steps you can take this winter to make sure you reduce your chances for injury and neck pain in Woodbridge.

Take It Slow

Try not to rush. Most slip and fall accidents happen due to a lack of care and attention. When you need to walk from place to place, take it easy and take it slow. Look for packed snow, which will allow for better traction. Test the ground around you as you walk, keeping an eye out for icy patches. This is especially important when your area has experienced a thaw and re-freeze.

Ice Is Dangerous

This may seem obvious, but it cannot be overstated. Ice is a major factor in a great many falling accidents every winter. Watch out for icy patches when you walk. If you’re on the city streets and you have a choice between a salted and an un-salted patch of sidewalk, choose the salted one. Keep your eye and feet out for slippery areas and try to go around them if possible. If it isn’t possible to avoid them, take short steps and again, go slow.


Stretching may seem an odd thing to do for staying safe in ice and snow, but it really works. Take some time to engage in stretching exercises to limber up before you go out in the ice and snow. The reason this helps is that it loosens your muscles, and makes them better able to react to a fall, which can improve your chances of coming away without injury.

Tuck and Roll

When you do slip and fall, tuck up into a ball and try to protect your head and face. You might instinctively throw out your arms and hands; this can be dangerous and result in broken bones. By curling up into a ball, you protect most of your body and are able to land on the fleshiest (padded) parts of you.

Walking Techniques

Walking on ice is a matter of managing your center of gravity. Keep your center of gravity over your front leg at all times, and take short, careful steps. You’ll end up looking like a penguin when you walk, but this is a good thing—after all, penguins live on snow and ice, so they figured this out a long time ago!

Neck Pain in Woodbridge

If you do experience an accident resulting in back or neck pain, chiropractic can be a great way to get back on your feet again. For more information or to schedule an appointment, check out our services and get in touch with us today.

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