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Exercises to Alleviate Lower Back Pain

Every year, millions of Americans are afflicted with lower back pain. For some, it’s a passing ache that’s attributed to age. For others, it may be a perpetual pain brought on by either sitting for long amounts of time for work or even working somewhere like a warehouse. With so many affected, dealing with lower back pain may seem like a catch-22. If your back hurts from sitting, it can seem being active is just as bad, and vice versa.

This does not mean, however, you simply have to deal with your back pain in Woodbridge. Aside from regular chiropractor visits to alleviate issues like spinal subluxations, there are steps you can take to be virtually pain-free. These come in the form of exercises and stretches that work your core, essential for maintaining a pain-free back.

A Lesson from Nature

While they are some of the loudest and most annoying birds in the neighborhood, woodpeckers can teach us a lot when it comes to stretching. They tip forward when they hunt, and this position is one that will naturally strengthen your lower back and alleviate pain. First, go into a lunge position with either foot in front. From this position, stand tall on your front foot, lift your back heel and drive your hips backward until you feel your hamstring stretch.

When you drive backward, you will naturally lean forward. Raise your hands above your head, at an angle in line with your hips. This will help you maintain balance and keep your core tight. Hold this position for about 30 seconds, maintaining a neutral spine. After 30 seconds, switch feet positions and repeat. If you are unable to keep your hands upward, stretch them behind you for a similar effect.

Extending to Release Pressure

One of the best ways to decompress your spine at home is to do extension exercises. These are very simple to perform, but require a surprising amount of strength. Don’t worry; you can do it! Lay flat on your stomach to start. Bring your legs together and flex your feet — meaning, flatten the bottom of your toes on the ground and raise your heels.

Keep your knees and hips on the ground and lift your chest, pointing your shoulders toward your feet. Pull up your hands so your core is supporting your weight. Make sure you don’t hunch your neck, but rather keep it straight, looking at the floor. Hold this position for about 30 seconds.

Most Importantly: Breathe!

Deep breaths full of oxygen are crucial for bodily health and balance. Do you ever take those really deep breaths and feel your back pop? That’s sort of like what happens with this last exercise. Stand up, feet slightly apart. Keep your knees unlocked and shift your weight to your heels. Stand as tall and straight as you can and lift your hands over your head, touching your fingertips together. When you breathe in, lift your ribs up. As you breathe out, tighten your core and make your spine feel as long as you can. Repeat until you feel your body is supported.

Even with these exercises, sometimes that lower back pain simply will not go away. If that seems familiar, it’s time to see your local chiropractor. With a combination of traditional and cutting-edge techniques, we can get your spine feeling like it did 10 years ago. If you’re tired of dealing with chronic back pain in Woodbridge, give us a call or visit our website to schedule an appointment today!

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