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Stress and General Adaptive Potential (GAP)

Did you know: Nearly every health issue you can think about is directly or indirectly related to the body’s inability to adapt to stress? Your body responds to all stress — physical, bio-chemical and emotional — in virtually the same way. With this in mind, health is literally about how well the body can adapt and deal with stress. This is what is called general adaptive potential (GAP). Understanding and making better health and wellness decisions to optimize the “GAP” is the secret to your best quality of life and happiness.

Understanding the GAP

Let me explain. Imagine two lines parallel to one another. Now imagine a big space (GAP) between them. The greater the GAP (space) between them, the greater your body’s ability to adapt to stress. Now imagine a jagged line that stays within the GAP. These are stresses that the body can easily adapt to. Too much stress is represented by these jagged lines going outside of the lines!

The more stress that goes outside of the lines, the harder it is for the body to adapt, and ultimately the general adaptive potential will become narrowed. This can be expressed by people saying that they are overwhelmed and can’t seem to be able to deal with anything. This level of stress can cause subluxations. A subluxation is the body’s way of protecting itself, like a circuit breaker on a house.

The Importance of Subluxations

What would happen if the circuit breaker didn’t trip? The house’s electrical system would be overwhelmed and could potentially catch fire! So, a subluxation can be a good thing. But what happens if you don’t turn that circuit back on? In the case of a house, there would be no electricity going to specific parts of the house, and as a result, there would be nothing functioning at the end points.

This is similar to what happens in the body. Of course, a complete shutdown is a very extreme example. So think of this scenario but with a dimmer switch. A subluxation in the body will cause the dimmer switch to turn the power down.

Why You Need a “Reset”

What are the ramifications if you do not flip the switch back on or get adjusted? The interference remains, and your body can immediately degrade due to a lack of communication with your inborn healing abilities and will continue this process of disease until a disease process manifests! Very often, there can be up to 40 percent damage before symptoms show up!

Since it only takes two weeks of nerve interference to begin the process of degeneration the question is: How many “two weeks” is it okay for subluxations to be allowed to remain? The answer is: “no two weeks”!

Widening the “GAP”

How can you combat the effects of stress and resulting decreased “GAP”? Get adjusted, exercise, eat well, drink enough healthy water, work on your positive mental state and pray/meditate. There is no silver bullet. All of the pieces are critical to increase the “GAP” and increased ability to adapt. Lastly healing takes time.

While feeling “better” or feeling “great” is just what the chiropractor ordered, it is essential that you do not rely on symptoms or the lack there of to determine how healthy you are. Only 10 percent of a sensory nerve perceives pain. This means you could possibly be wrong 90 percent of the time regarding your true health status.

A Chiropractic evaluation with the Subluxation station E.M.G. and thermal technology can help determine the level of stress and your general adaptive potential. Additionally, regular Chiropractic care can keep you connected to that inborn healing ability. Get checked today.

— Dr. C

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