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The Benefits of Occipital Adjustments

The stresses of the modern world are as numerous as they are damaging to the harmony of our skeletal and other bodily structures. Given the lengths of time most of us will spend performing repetitive tasks, such as manipulating a computer mouse or sitting rigidly at a desk for hours each day, the fact that many people injure themselves should come as no surprise. A whole slew of problems can result from the simplest causes, and many of these have to do with the Atlanto Occipital Joint. What follows are several benefits of occipital adjustments to keep you functional and fit for your day-to-day.

Bearing the Weight of the World

There are many, many nerve systems traveling the length of the spine, protected and held together by bones and joints. The Foramen Magnum, a hole in the occiput, which is the notch at the back of your head where you skull begins and your spinal cord ends, guides a complex bundle of nerves on downward to bestride the Atlas bone. The Atlas, named for the Titan of Greek mythology who bears the weight of the horizon on his shoulders, links up with the very important Atlanto Occipital joint. Many issues can arise to jeopardize this joint, which is why expert chiropractors will recommend and perform occipital adjustments.

Headaches and Migraines

The Atlanto Occipital is strongly bonded and flexible — were it not, your skull would roll away from your shoulders. However, its strength is deceptive, as the cartilage can become fixated (meaning, inflexible). The patient’s neck will stiffen, possibly resulting in headaches or even powerful migraines. Sinus and jaw pains are also commonly experienced. In the case of jaw popping, which can be irritating as well as painful, and inner ear or facial discomfort, confer your chiropractor as soon as possible. Today, many chiropractors conduct routine checks for these issues because of how common they are.

Repetitive Stress

The human neck was designed to nod and twist, but our modern way of life requires a stressful, self-induced rigidity. At work and at home, we sit behind screens, including personal computers and television sets, during which hours we hold our necks stiff. This prolonged flexion of the occiput on the Atlas jeopardizes the health of sub-occipital muscles due to the continuous nature of the stress being placed upon them. An occipital adjustment represents a great way to combat the onset of potentially crippling symptoms.


The symptoms of whiplash range in severity from minor headaches to paralysis. Lack of concentration and dizziness are also frequent obnoxious malingerers. An occipital adjustment can alleviate these symptoms. 


This condition’s symptoms include varying levels of dizziness and vomiting. The patient’s eyes will move in a particular pattern, throwing off balance and causing discomfort. Usually, vertigo is caused by the inner ear canal being cluttered with debris. However, subluxation of the occiput may also disrupt one’s sense of balance.

Chiropractic subluxation is a medical term designating the abnormal positioning of vertebrae which, due to the fact that subluxation can cause a loss of function, requires a spinal manipulation by a knowledgeable chiropractor.

To treat these issues and more, a skilled chiropractor may well recommend and perform such a manipulation. For more information on occipital adjustments in Woodbridge, visit our website

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