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Auricular Therapy: The Best Treatment You’ve Never Heard Of

When you hear “auricular therapy,” you probably think of… well, a giant question mark. Most people have never heard of this treatment, or perhaps they heard it in passing. Most who have heard of it think it’s one of those weird, outdated treatments that was probably disproved a long time ago by actual science. And you would be right — sort of.

Auricular therapy/acupuncture fell out of favor for a long time as technology provided more advanced treatments. But it has recently make a comeback. Different medical papers, gathered here by the National Institutes of Health, show the huge benefits of the treatment. As its legitimacy has been proven over and over, chiropractors have been reinstituting it in their regimen. Here is why you should receive auricular therapy in Woodbridge.

What is Auricular Therapy?

Different forms of acupuncture have been around since the Stone Ages. Even then, man understood that it relieved stress, even if they did not quite understand why. Auricular acupuncture was first documented in the 17th century in Portugal. The treatment normalizes different functions in the body by stimulating different points on the ear. These points are connected to different parts of the body, thus affecting their systems.

Auricular therapy was popularized by French physician Dr. Paul Nogier in 1957, when he finally documented the actual correlation between the ear and various body parts. This relationship is called “somatotopic correspondence.” He first laid out the map of the ear, which is still used in auricular therapy today. Later medical papers have only strengthened the notion that stimulating different spots on the ear and ease and reverse bodily dysfunction.

What Can It Treat?

As mentioned above, auricular therapy can treat all sorts of ailments. Chronic and acute pain throughout the body has been shown to be lessened and even completely removed through this treatment. It can also help your body remove built up toxins, allowing you to live better and with less risk of illness.

If you suffer chronic nausea, auricular therapy can be highly beneficial. There is a part of the ear that is directly involved with that ailment. Hypertension can also be treated with this method. The reason these symptoms can be treated with auricular therapy is because it helps release certain endorphins, which help the body heal and block pain.

Auricular Therapy in Woodbridge

If you are suffering from different symptoms and don’t want to take expensive drugs, consider auricular acupuncture. In conjunction with standard chiropractic treatment, Dr. Carmelo F. Caratozzolo at ACT Wellness can help treat just about any ailment you have, from asthma and allergies to back pain and carpal tunnel syndrome. If you are interested in these treatments, contact us today to make an appointment.

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