Benefits of Chiropractic Care While Pregnant

As any pregnant woman can tell you, appetite is not the only aspect of the body affected by carrying a growing baby around. Often, back pain can become unbearable. And as the due date draws closer, the issues only get worse.

But there is relief available. Receiving chiropractic care in Woodbridge can help realign your spine, relieving stress throughout the body. This is not only beneficial for you, but is also beneficial for the baby. Here are just a few reasons why you should receive chiropractic care while you are pregnant.

Good for the Joints

Few mothers, if any, will deny the fact that rearing a child is one of the most wonderful —and exhausting — experiences in life. But carrying that child around in one’s body for nine months can cause serious damage if the mother-to-be is constantly stressed out, both physically and mentally. As your body prepares to deliver a baby, it releases estrogen to relax the ligaments. This, plus the added weight of the baby, can do some major damage to the spine.

Due to the added weight, you could also be dealing with pelvic changes, increased back curve and pain, swollen discs and other potentially serious issues. A chiropractor can help you establish pelvic balance again while you are pregnant and can align your spine. These kinds of treatments can be highly beneficial for the baby. A properly aligned pelvis and spine gives it more room to develop within the womb. In addition, proper care helps the baby align itself for a more optimal delivery position.

Good for the Rest of the Body, Too

Besides the joints, getting aligned is a great way to reduce the other negative side effects of pregnancy. One major side effect that can be treated is nausea. As your body becomes more relaxed and the spine is realigned, hormones are able to be distributed throughout the body more evenly. This can reduce morning sickness and other gastrointestinal issues.

In addition, chiropractic care can lead to a healthier pregnancy and reduce the risk of premature birth. A chiropractor can also help relax the ligaments in the pelvis so, if necessary, breeched babies can actually turn themselves naturally.

It is also a great idea to see a chiropractor after you give birth. Doing so will help you adjust faster to walking, sleeping and nursing without pain. After giving birth, it is natural to flex the spine as you would while carrying the baby. Doing so can do further damage to the spine. A chiropractor can teach you techniques to relax along with providing traditional chiropractic care.

Scheduling a Visit

If you are pregnant and looking for chiropractic care in Woodbridge, ACT Wellness can help. We offer top-of-the-line treatment that will benefit both you and the baby. It is important to note, however, that you should consult your obstetrician before receiving treatment; your specific situation may make chiropractic care unadvisable.

Be sure to contact us today to find the best treatment for you and your baby. You can schedule an appointment by clicking here.

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