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What Are Your Triggers?

No matter how dedicated you are to your health, headaches affect just about every person at some point or another. Some people only deal with the occasional throb, while others are plagued by routine migraines. Whatever the case, many headaches can be alleviated with chiropractic care.

Causes of Headaches

Both chronic and temporary headaches have a myriad of causes. But, treatment for these can be very different. The majority of headaches are just temporary. These can be caused by the body itself telling you that you are tired, hungry, dehydrated, sick or a whole host of other things. Or, these headaches could be caused by external forces, such as drinking or taking medicine. As these tend to come and go, most people either fix the issue their body is facing or just wait it out.

Chronic headaches, on the other hand, are ones that just won’t go away. These typically fall into three categories: Cluster headaches, migraines and tension headaches. Cluster headaches are sharp, debilitating pains that happen right behind the eye. They are usually short-lived, but are reoccurring. The next kind of headache, the migraine, is similar to the cluster headache. But, the pain tends to last for days or even weeks. They cause sensitivity to noise and light and are caused by blood vessels constricting in the brain.

The final type of chronic headache is the tension headache. These are by far the most common. Most people who suffer from this experience a dull, continuous pain on one or both sides of the head, as if it were being squeezed. These are most often caused by bad posture and can last anywhere from half an hour to several days.

Headaches are most often caused by “triggers,” which can vary from person to person. Sometimes it’s a certain environment. Other times, it’s a food. Very often, it’s caused by certain behaviors, like a change in diet or sleeping pattern. Many times, patients feel a physical warning before their headache starts.

The most common trigger is back and neck pain. If these are left untreated, the pain often migrates and manifests itself in the head. Most people experience these aches when they have been sitting for a long amount of time, which is common in the office environment. It is recommended that you get up and walk around every 30 minutes to an hour, drink plenty of water and watch your stress levels — and don’t clench your teeth when that stress does hit.

Headache Therapy in Woodbridge

Sometimes following these simple steps does not help with your headache, especially when it comes to migraines and cluster headaches. For more severe, chronic pain, a chiropractor may be of use. He can help you relax the back and neck muscles and realign your spine to relieve pressure. Your chiropractor can also give you advice on your nutrition, if that is the cause of your pain. If your main issue is tension headaches, a chiropractor can help you learn better posture and relaxation techniques.

Whether your headache is just starting or has been raging for days, ACT Wellness provides headache therapy in Woodbridge. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule an appointment, or simply come by the office. We would love to meet you. 

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