Neck Pain Treatment and Causes

Neck pain is one of the most common ailments people face. Whether you wake up with a sore neck or you have pain that’s lasted for a while, this kind of ache is treatable. Often, people will try to treat the issue with a hot or cold pad. While this may provide temporary relief, it will not fix the problem.

Here are some of the most common causes of neck pain, plus the most effective treatments.

Causes of Neck Pain

There are a whole host of circumstances that can cause neck aches. If your pain is sudden and you did not sustain an injury, you most likely either pinched a nerve or strained a muscle. These types of ailments often come from sleeping in an awkward position or from poor posture. Neck pain can also come from sickness, such as a virus infection in the throat. If you were recently injured, neck pain could be from whiplash, a herniated disc or even a bruised or cracked vertebrae.

Neck injuries often lead to chronic neck pain. This kind of ailment can last for weeks or longer, and is generally much more serious. It could be a sign of degenerative disc disease, inflammation of the spine or less common diseases like fibromyalgia or tuberculosis of the neck.

Other Symptoms of Neck Issues

A sore neck is not the only symptom of neck problems. Headaches are another common issue, as communication between the rest of the body and the brain becomes strained. You may also feel a bit of dizziness.

Depending on the cause of your neck pain, you may feel tenderness, difficulty swallowing, facial pain and shoulder pain. Symptoms can even manifest in the lower back, depending on what’s causing your neck issues.

Treating Neck Pain in Woodbridge

Neck pain can be agonizing, but it can be treated. One of the easiest ways to treat soreness and stiffness is by seeing a chiropractor. Many ailments are caused by a misaligned spinal column. Having a chiropractor realign your spine will not only alleviate any pinched nerves, but will also help heal deep tissue problems.

A chiropractor will be able to tell you if you need to see a general practitioner for more serious issues. He will be able to analyze the root of your problems and tell you what the next step is.

ACT Wellness has been treating neck pain in Woodbridge for many years. With advanced therapy techniques, such as pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, we can get you feeling great in no time. Schedule an appointment or come by today!

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