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Vertebrae of the Week | Woodbridge Chiropractor

Welcome to ACT Wellness Center’s Vertebrae of the Week series! Thank you for voting us Best Woodbridge Chiropractor for the past 10 years and counting! In this series, we will post interesting information and facts about your nervous system and how your brain, spinal cord and nerves are connected to everything in your body.

The Importance of the Spine

Chiropractors are interested in the vertebrae because it houses your nervous system. This system carries vital communications between your brain and your body. We experience life expression through our nervous system. Therefore, having your spine free of misalignments is essential for optimal health.

Spinal nerves exit the spinal column from each side which connect to every part of your body.  This is the brain-body connectionQuite often the vertebrae of the spinal column can become miss-aligned (Subluxated). This misalignment puts pressure on a nerve root resulting in a miscommunication.

This situation can ultimately create symptoms or conditions associated with the nerve at that vertebral level. The purpose of Chiropractic care is to correct miss-aligned vertebrae. Chiropractors are doctors who keep this communication system aligned which insures your nervous system has the best potential to function at 100%. Only Chiropractors can detect vertebral subluxations.

How Chiropractors Help

Instead of just treating your symptoms, Doctors of chiropractic are trained find the cause of your health problems. Chiropractors evaluate how your spine and nervous system is affecting your overall health through a comprehensive examination. Discussion about your condition and any concerns you may have, is the next step to see if you are a candidate for chiropractic for Chiropractic care.

Your Woodbridge Chiropractor

For the past 10 years running, ACT Wellness Center has been the leading center of chiropractic care and wellness in the Woodbridge, VA, area. If you’re looking to trust your health and well-being to the very best, ACT Wellness, and Dr. Caratozzolo are the resources for you.

Dr. Caratozzolo, Chiropractic Sports Physician, is the founder of ACT Wellness Center and Woodbridge chiropractor. He enjoys public speaking, educating the community on alternative healthcare and volunteering his time with local wellness events.  To connect with Dr. Caratozzolo, click here.

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