Detox Foot Baths in Woodbridge, VA

Did you know there are 5000 sweat pores at the bottom of your feet? Your body naturally perspires and respirates through your feet. That’s how your socks get dirty. An EBPro™ foot bath treatment can be an easy way to help detoxify your entire body of toxins. This detox is so simple, so safe, and so soothing; you don’t even have to cut out certain foods from your diet.

Our relaxing 20 minute treatment consists of placing your feet in to a spa bowl filled with warm salted water. When you dip your feet in the warm water, an electrical exchange is facilitated with all the primary meridians in your body. The water becomes immersed with negatively charged ions through a sophisticated energizing cartridge. Bubbles are created; and it’s quite normal to see the water change color. The EBPro™ ion treatment helps to balance your body’s energy and chemistry; and in-turn keeps your body strong and resilient.

Many of our clients tell us how relaxing it is. Our patients with arthritis, neuralgia, allergies, lymph edema and other conditions benefit from multiple treatments. They often report immediate relief.


Additional benefits of foot bath detox in Woodbridge:

  • Raises PH
  • Helps clear up bad skin
  • Quickens recovery time
  • Rejuvenates and energizes
  • A greater feeling of well-being
  • Some say it even relieves pain, tension and headaches!

The EBPro™ warm water treatment helps you to detoxify from the inside out. Discover how the EBPro™ magnetic effect helps to restore your body’s PH and electromagnetic energy. Wait till you see how you feel, the EBPro™ creates the same environment as a walk along the beach.

Success Stories From Our Patients

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