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What we know is every cell in your body has a small electrical battery in it called the Mitochondria and how well that battery is charged is inevitably going to decide how much work a cell can carry out.  Your cells need a clean working environment which is well hydrated with proper nutrition, an optimal nervous system communication and one that is toxin free in order for those cells to be able to efficiently do everything that they need to do including the healing process.

When the cells are in harmony, communication between the nervous system and the body naturally maintains a steady supply of “power” to the cell. What is interesting to know…the stressors in today’s world interfere with, prevent and/or block the natural flow or “recharging power” to our cells.  This makes us more susceptible to sickness, injury and slows healing.

The challenge we run into is interference of the inborn healing ability due to misalignment in the spine. This causes a subluxated state of health.  This subluxated state does  not allow the body to keep itself from adapting to physical, chemical and emotional stresses.  Ultimately the cells in your body get run down.  An old technology called Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) can re-charge your cells batteries.  This is the missing link in your “cellular health” and a speedy recovery in an environment that is full of stress.

How many PEMF therapy treatments will I need and how often?  The ability of your cells to hold charge depends on a couple of things. 1) How well hydrated your tissues are.  2) The age or damage to your cells.  The age does not refer to you biological age, but rather the amount of wear and tear on the cells. 3) Your central nervous system communication. The answer is different for each person.  Your cell “batteries” may need to be charged up at first.  This may take a number of sessions to become fully charged.  Once this is accomplished you might be the kind of person who will continue with good nutrition, hydration, exercise and spinal maintenance.  If so, you may never feel the need to recharge your cells.  However, some people choose to piggy back their chiropractic wellness care with monthly PEMF sessions.  The frequency ultimately depends on the amount of work that needs to be done to achieve the level of health that you desire to have and how long you intend to live at that level.

In conclusion, as always it is up to you and your goals.  You get to choose: symptom/reactive care, wellness/proactive care or an even higher level of health that I call creation care (a growing movement).   Only 30% of your health is determined by your genetics while 70% is a result of the choices that you make.  You can actually change parts of your genetic code; this is the study of Epigenetics. By making the best choices possible, being consistent and utilizing state of the art protocols, techniques and modalities I believe that the sky is the limit with regard to your possibilities.  What will you choose?

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