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Your occipital bone sits below your skull bone and on top of the first neck or cervical bone called the atlas.  There have been many studies that show countless benefits of adjusting this area of the spine.  Two conditions that we have found that respond well to occipital adjustments are headaches and migraines.

Some people with occipital problems can be visualized as people who have a forward head posture.  Keep in mind that for every inch that the skull moves forward from the normal position that there is an additional 10 lbs. of pressure which is applied to the brain stem.  This type of misalignment can cause other nerve system related issues such as neck pain, shoulder pain and arm pain just to name a few.

Why Occipital Adjustments

While there are many ways to adjust the atlas bone there are significantly fewer ways to adjust the occiput. This is likely the reason that many doctors don’t address it at all.

Dr. Caratozzolo uses a successful seated chiropractic adjustment technique for freeing up pressure on the occipital bone. This technique is quite effective for patients who are suffering from headaches, migraines and jaw pain. They often tell us that they get tremendous relief and amazing results when they get occipital adjustments.

Success Stories From Our Patients

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