Vertebrae of the Week: T8 Vertebra

The nerve bundle protected by the foramen in the T8 vertebra directly impacts your spleen. When you experience a subluxation in this area, it can directly lead to lowered resistance to degenerative conditions and diseases of a wide variety. Your spleen is an essential organ in your body whose job it is to filter your blood; while it’s possible to live without one, being without a functional spleen results in a greatly weakened immune system.

The Spleen and Disease Resistance

Your spleen acts to remove old blood cells, storing the blood in your body, and recycling iron throughout your bloodstream. It helps to synthesize antibodies, and acts to remove bacteria as it circulates blood through the lymph nodes. It also plays a vital role in rejuvenation of tissues. In essence, it’s an organ whose sole purpose is to clear, hold, and prevent you from being infected by disease.

The T8 Vertebra and Infection

The never bundles protected by the T8 Vertebra serve an important function—they provide nerve impulses to and from the spleen and help to control and operate your lymphatic system. They tell the spleen how to fight against the flu, viral and bacterial infections, STDs, fungal infections, skin infections, rashes, and even the common cold.

When your T8 is subluxated, or out of alignment, it puts pressure on these nerves, which means they don’t effectively communicate with the spleen. The result is that it doesn’t clean the blood effectively, it doesn’t operate your lymphatic system, and it doesn’t battle against the pathogens seeking to ravage your body.

Protecting against Disease

Your body needs all the help it can get to stay healthy; there are millions of pathogens out there looking to attack you every day. Chiropractic care is a non-invasive, holistic and whole-body approach to health and wellness that can make sure your spine retains its normal curvature and ensures that your body works at peak performance all the time.

If you’re suffering from chronic illnesses or you feel like you get sick all the time, a T8 adjustment could be the answer. Call ACT Wellness to schedule an appointment for an examination today!

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