Vertebrae of the Week: L3 Vertebra

Next up in our ongoing series about each of the bones in your spine is the L3 vertebra. The third bone down in your lumbar, or lower back area, the L3 is the central bone in this region. Like the other lumbar vertebrae, this bone carries a substantial role in bearing the weight of your torso.

Also like the other bones in your lumbar spine, this vertebra does not protect specific nerve bundles, which means that problems arising from injuries to this region present differently than in your middle or upper back. Learn about the L3 vertebra, the role it plays in your spine, and how a chiropractor in Woodbridge, VA, can help to deal with injuries and issues from this important bone.

L3 Vertebra Conditions and Injuries

There are a range of spinal injuries that can affect or be caused by the L3 vertebra. These include herniated or bulging discs, bone spurs, spondylosis, spondylolisthesis, and spinal arthritis, among others. A number of common conditions, including sports injuries, can result in spinal compression injuries.

When a spinal condition occurs at the L3 level, the symptoms usually include radiating pain from the lower back through the buttock and leg of the affected side. Chronic lower back pain also generally results. The leg and foot of the affected side can also develop numbness and weakness from impacted nerve communication.

Treating L3 Injuries and Back Pain

Your best bet to seek treatment for an L3 vertebra injury is to talk with a local chiropractor. For almost a decade, now, ACT Wellness has been the leading chiropractor in Woodbridge, VA. We’re ready to tackle any problems you’re having with back pain in any region, and get you feeling healthy and well again. Contact us today to get back on the path to living a happy, strong and healthy life without pain and without invasive procedures.

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