Vertebrae of the Week: Sacrum

One of the lowest bones in your back, the Sacrum is a large, triangular bone that connects to the base of your spine. It forms when you reach between 18 and 30 years old when your S1-S5 sacral vertebrae fuse together. It’s located at the back of your pelvic cavity, between its wings, and forms important joints with your other bones.

The sacrum is a very complex bone that helps to provide support for the spine and protection for the spinal nerves, as well as articulates with your hip bones. Among the most common injuries suffered in the sacrum region is a sprain to the sacroiliac joint that articulates at the ala, or side-base projections, of the sacrum.

Sacrum Articulations

The sacrum articulates (forms joints) with four different bones. The first is the lowest lumbar vertebra. The second is the tailbone, which is directly below the sacrum, and the third is the hip bone at the ilium region. In humans, the sacrum is able to move slightly on its own along the sagittal plate to bend backward and forward.

Disorders in the Sacrum

Besides the sacroiliac sprain and joint dislocations, a number of types of disorders can develop in the sacrum. While it doesn’t subluxate specifically like other bones in the vertebra, it can be subject to congenital disorders like spina bifida and sacral agenesis, or caudal regression syndrome. Fractures can also develop in the sacral region, and it’s one of the major areas where sarcoma cancers can develop.

How a Chiropractor Can Help

Chiropractors can help address many problems in this region. Sprains and dislocations in particular can often be corrected with spinal or extremity manipulations. In addition, the pressure that these dislocations place on nerves can create all manner of issues. Chiropractic has been applied for many different reasons with very effective results, ranging from back pain to cancer and even AIDS symptoms.

For nine years and running, Dr. C at ACT Wellness Center has provided the very best chiropractic care to the Woodbridge, VA, area. If you’d like more information about the sacrum or you need treatment for a spinal ailment, get in touch with us to schedule your appointment today!

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