Thoughts on a Chiropractic Lifestyle

We all know that there are ups and downs in life. The only way that you can create and keep your health moving in the right direction is with action.  Your health is like walking up a “down” escalator.  The stairs are moving down towards you.  It may seem as if attaining your goal of making to the top is a daunting one.  As you know, the first steps can be with uncertainty and concern.  However as you begin to create momentum you start to experience changes and eventually the changes lead to results.  The key at this point is to continue the climb.  It is easier to stay well then it is to get well.

As mentioned in his blog post: Will The True Chiropractic Lifestyle Please Stand Up? , Mission Viejo, CA chiropractor  talks about this very thing. The quick fix mentality is not the solution it’s just part of the problem. He mentions that societal norms are contrary to a healthy life.

Edward Harriott DC, Mission Viejo Chiropractic, also describes how helping patients on a path toward a chiropractic lifestyle can lead to a natural healthy expression of life. When your body and nervous system is functioning at its best, you are able to adapt to stress in a more efficient manner. The result is that you bounce back quicker, get sick less often and live with more vibrancy with respect to every aspect of your life.  Those of you who have achieved this know what I am talking about, and for those of you who don’t, it is coming!  Stay on target by continuing to make better and better health care choices that support your vision.

Standing tall with the true chiropractic lifestyle,

Carmelo Caratozzolo DC, CCSP
ACT Wellness Center
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If you would like to know more from Dr. Edward Harriott BlogSpot you can reach him at:

Edward Harriott, DC
Mission Viejo Chiropractic
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Mission Viejo, CA 92691

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