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Beneath the last cervical vertebra (C7) are the 12 vertebrae of the Thoracic Spine. Your thoracic vertebrae are unique because they articulate with your pair’s of ribs. The first thoracic vertebrae (T1), forms a long prominent spinous process. Thoracic spinal subluxations can irritate your nerves of the disc, facet joints and the spinal nerves leaving the spine. T1 misalignment may cause pain in your mid-back; the pain may even be felt around the sides and into the chest. Chest pain varies from a dull ache to a stabbing, crushing and burning pain. (Call 911 if you are experiencing a sudden chest pain including pressure, squeezing and/or tightening).

Misalignment of the T1 vertebra can also affect nerve impulses to your arms from the elbow down, including hands, wrists, and fingers. A subluxation of T1 can affect the nerve supply impulses to your esophagus and trachea. In addition, pain in the lower arms or hands could be a signal of a subluxation in T1.

If you experience symptoms related to asthma, coughing, difficulty breathing or shortness of breath; nerve interference could be why!


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