Thoracic Region of Your Spine

The thoracic region of your spine is comprised of twelve vertebrae that run along the middle part of your back. Misalignments in these vertebrae can cause all manner of problems. Learn about your thoracic vertebrae, the effects they have, and how a qualified chiropractor can help address your back pain and get you healthy once more.

Your Thoracic Vertebrae

Your thoracic vertebrae are denoted by the letter “T” followed by a number. The T1 is the highest, while the T 12 is the lowest. Each has the responsibility of protecting the nerves that control a specific area of bodily function.

The T1

This vertebra is also the C7 vertebra. It’s located at the base of your neck, and subluxation can cause pain in the middle back, sides and chest, as well as pain and loss of feeling in your arms like tendonitis.

The T2

This bone is associated with your coronary arteries and cardiovascular system. This can cause problems like chest pain, rapid heartbeat, breathing problems, blood pressure and the like. It can affect all of your pulmonary veins and arteries, as well as your aorta.

The T3

The T3 vertebra protects your vascular system and chest region, including your pleura, lungs, bronchial tubes, chest and nipples. Symptoms of a subluxation in this region can include pleurisy, pneumonia, bronchitis, congestion, and even the flu. Other symptoms include back pain, fever, cough, loss of appetite, chills, headaches and more.

The T4

This vertebra is a major support bone for your ribs. It is responsible for your gall bladder function and subluxations can result in gallstones, jaundice, shingles and other, nastier illnesses including hepatitis, cirrhosis, biliary tract blockage, cancer and liver disease.

The T5

This part of your spine is one of the most vital bones in your whole spine. It can cause problems like diabetes, pancreatitis, liver disease, circulatory problems, and a range of others, in addition to back pain.

The T6

The T6 vertebra is responsible for your digestive system, and as such it can be responsible, when subluxated, for a range of conditions related to that function. This includes dyspepsia or common indigestion, as well as heartburn, acid reflux and similar.

The T7

This bone also deals with your digestion, but also has effects on your overall immune system. Symptoms of a misalignment in this vertebra include ulcers, gastritis, maldigestion, and overall lowered immune function.

The T8

This part of your back controls your spleen and immune system. It can result in blood infections, bacterial, fungal and viral infections, and other reduced disease resistance if it becomes misaligned.

The T9

This backbone is responsible for your adrenal gland system and your stomach health. Misalignments can result in adrenal fatigue, exhaustion, decreased sex drive, lowered ability to enjoy life, increased stress, respiratory infections, stomach disease and more.

The T10

The T10 vertebra is related to general movement and sensation. Disruption of this vertebra can result in lack of sensation, paralysis, reduced mobility and function, loss of bladder and bowel control, and similar issues.

The T11

At the T11 level, many of your lower body organs are controlled. A disruption in this region can cause diabetes, sciatica, constipation, diarrhea, gas, lower back and rib pain, and more.

The T12

Finally, this vertebra affects your lower back, abdominal muscles and general movement. It’s one of the strongest bones in your spine, but also one of the most likely to suffer compression damage.

If you’re experiencing any of the above symptoms, a chiropractor may be able to help address issues with your thoracic vertebrae. Contact ACT Wellness for an appointment and examination today.

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