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No, Pain Won’t Go Away Magically

Ugh – upper back, mid back, low back pain and headaches… Maybe it will go away by itself? Quite often people attempt to self diagnose or suffer while trying to wait it out. One of the most misleading statements is, “Maybe it will go away by itself!” For many, the discomfort has to become excruciating before they realize that the pain won’t go away magically.

A visit to your doctor is probably a good idea and not trying to figure it out on your own or just popping an over-the-counter pain-killer.  Numbness and tingling associated with back pain isn’t normal; there could be a serious underlying cause of that pain. Waiting too long could cause further damage.  If you or someone you know is having back pain with symptoms that include severe pain, weakness, numbness in your legs, problems with urination and/or fever, visiting a family doctor or someone who specializes in musculoskeletal and structural weaknesses, such as a chiropractor, is a must.

Rather than hoping the pain away, a Chiropractor like Dr. Carmelo F. Caratozzolo of ACT Wellness Center who is right here in Woodbridge Virginia, can help you discover: Where is the problem coming from?  Why is the pain where it is?  If there a natural way to deal with the problem and fix it and not just treat the symptoms?  Sometimes the issue is easier to fix than you may think.  For instance, a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician like Dr. Caratozzolo can check you for spinal weaknesses such as a weak core.

Research findings state, “Persons with LBP who fatigue quicker (lumbar extension endurance) tend to have more quadriceps inhibition (weakness)(Suter, 200)” and “Localized lumbar paraspinal muscle fatigue causes increased quadriceps inhibition (Hart, et al, 2005)”.   So what does that mean? It means the muscles in your legs that help to support your low back can become weak, and then tend to misfire. If this happens, your whole body compensates causing a forward lean. Your ankles and knees take on extra stress and your gait is affected. Everything starts to become unstable and you’re more prone to injury.  Dr. Caratozzolo refers to this as a kinetic chain disturbance.  Fortunately or unfortunately core strengthening is a concept that many practitioners of sort are jumping on the band wagon of this seemingly trendy condition.  Dr. Caratozzolo says, “Strengthening the core muscles without having proper alignment of the spinal structure is a recipe for disaster.”  You have to check and treat both vertebral misalignment and soft tissue problems at the same time to get the best results possible.

Author: Carmelo Caratozzolo CCSP, CCEP google+
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